Foot Notes: Keeping Your Baby Warm From Head To Toe


There are tons of baby clothes out there. Baby-grows, onesies, tees, leggings, hats, scratch mitts, jackets, jumpers. You name it; there’s a baby version in the window of your local maternity or baby store. But people often forget about sufficiently covering their babies’ feet. They might not be able to walk yet, but that doesn’t mean their feet should be left out in the elements. They’re still prone to feeling the chill. So here’s how to clothe your baby’s little piggies in style.


These are the basics. We all wear them, so your baby should too. No sock is cuter than a baby sock. They’re just so dainty and sweet. You can purchase all sorts of colours and designs, or you can make your own. From frills and lace to plain cotton. Whatever you like, there will be a sock out there for you and your baby. Just make sure that the fabric is soft as can be.

Foot Muffs

When you’re out and about in cold weather, your baby should be wrapped up. Especially when they are in their pram. A good quality footmuff is even more effective than just putting socks and shoes onto your new arrival. These are a useful pushchair accessory. They attach to the pram, and your little one’s bottom half can be tucked up inside. Like a little cocoon. Again, these are available in all sorts of colors and designs. So you’ll be able to find one that will match your pushchair, or you can opt for a wild and vibrant design.


Baby shoes are such a novelty. Why? Because most big brands now produce them. This means that your newborn can have matching shoes to the ones you wear most often. Dr martens, converse, Adidas and Nike are but a few brands that offer miniature versions of their original ranges. When buying shoes for your little one, make sure that they fit correctly and will be comfortable and appropriate for them. Shoes with a hard sole are best left for when your little one becomes a toddler. Until they can walk, hard soles are useless and will merely be uncomfortable.

Tights and Leggings

Tights and leggings aren’t just for little girls. All babies can sport a pair. They’re more comfortable than little denim jeans and will also cover your little one’s feet. This means he or she will retain more of their body heat rather than losing it quickly through their exposed feet. Pair with a little hoodie or maybe a tutu skirt or dress for a cute ensemble.


If you’re in the home, you have more control over the temperature and atmosphere your baby is in. Make sure all rooms are adequately heated before taking your bundle of joy into them. If they’re still heating up, wrap your baby in a soft blanket or throw. This will prevent your baby from catching a chill. Make sure to cover them from the face down and hold them close to your body, so that they don’t grow too cold before the room hits the right temperature.

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