Fifteen Minutes of Peace and Tranquility

In a house of nine, you can imagine, quiet and calm are not words used frequently to describe our lives!!

Every morning I set the alarm for 6.45am I go downstairs quietly so as not to wake anyone else.

I put the kettle on, then depending how tired I am I either sit and stare at the kettle in zombie like fashion or unstack the dishwasher from the night before.

Once the kettle has boiled I make a pot of tea for the children and leave it to brew, whilst I make myself a nice hot cup of Coffee, it is the only time of the day that my drink is ever hot!

I have two special mugs, one is a Large Tigger mug that Asa and the children bought me for my 30th birthday when we went to Disneyland Paris and the other, Lochlan `decorated’ for me on 26th March 2004, Xene and Neva made a plate and bowl to match.

My two special mugs

I love traditional coffee and always try to find something new and exciting to keep me awake!! My favourite at present is Caffe Cagliari, which is a 100 year old Italian Family company. The Grand Espresso has a strength of 6, so not too strong but enough to kick start my day. The fab thing about this particular brand is that the capsules are Nespresso compatible which means it is always available at the touch of a button!

If you are looking for a new coffee to try, why not pop over and give their facebook page a like.

Once those fifteen minutes have gone (they go surprisingly quickly!) I pour the children’s teas and a coffee for Asa, if he is still in bed and slowly make my way up the stairs, ready for the chaos of the day to begin…..

So, how about you, do you have a morning routine that involves any ‘me’ time or a special time of the day to sit and try to drink a hot drink ?

this is a sponsored post, but it is the best fifteen minutes of the day!!

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