What Family Holiday Should You Go On This Year?

The family holiday. It can be one of those really difficult decisions to make. Some of you may want to do one thing, and others may have totally different ideas. Finding the right balance is not easy. However, for many families, the holiday is the one opportunity of the year that you get to spend time with your partner and children that is uninterrupted. No work stress, no hustle and bustle of school or daily life. Just the family enjoying some time together. So what should you do this year? I thought I would share with you some of the options.

Do you want something adventurous?

Perhaps you like the idea of something adventurous this year with the family. Maybe your children are at an age where they are far more active and a kids club in a beach resort just won’t occupy them enough. Adventure doesn’t have to be something too crazy. Sleeping in a tent is what children consider adventurous these days, and so a camping trip could be on the cards. If you are quite the active person anyway then why not consider a hiking trip? Plan a new route or go to a different country and allow you and your children to explore the new surroundings and learn about nature, all while enjoying that special bonding time together. Adventure could also mean being spontaneous and actually getting your children involved in the whole process from decision to actually going. Some people have done something quite extraordinary just by getting a globe and spinning it and allowing your child to randomly select somewhere. Obviously there may be options you can’t consider due to distance or issues in that country, but this could be a real adventure right from the start. You then have to research and plan what you will do.

Do you want to do something different?

Maybe you are the type of family that always heads to the same place each year. It can often just become a habit, as you find it easier to just go on holiday knowing exactly what to expect. You know where is good to eat, what the kids can do, and you simply get into holiday mode the more you fasten your seatbelt on the plane. I get it, there is something comfortable and satisfying about that. However, if you want to do something different then why not take the plunge this year? Perhaps you should consider taking the qualities you like from your usual holiday and considering a completely new destination. Maybe you have never done a longhaul flight with your children before? Perhaps you want to travel a little and take in a few different locations so a road trip could be the answer or even a cruise. There are plenty of family friendly options these days to consider, choose somewhere thats not your usual choice, i’d love to go to Ireland, one place i’d love to explore is Lough Key in Boyle County Roscommon

Do you want to try an alternative destination?

I think we can all get a little complacent and bored when it comes to family destinations for your standard warm beach holiday. However, there are now more options than ever before to consider. Madeira was once hailed the pensioners paradise but actually you can consider Madeira for families now. Which opens up a whole host of new possibilities than your standard “go to” resorts that families frequent each year. Madeira, along with other destinations like Cape Verde, The Azores and even the likes of some of the Asian hotspots like Thailand and Bali now cater for families and it gives you the chance to explore something different.

Do you want something active?

Active holiday are really growing in popularity these days as more and more people are finding the urge to be more sporty and have a healthier lifestyle during their everyday lives. Holidays are meant to be relaxing, as it is your time away with the family. But, you also can combine the love of sports with a great holiday location. There are now so many resorts all over the world that have excellent sports facilities. They tend to offer up clubs and classes throughout the day, but you also have the option of just relaxing on the beach or by the pool. These types of holidays really give you the best of both worlds. For active children, there tends to be sports clubs and other interesting things they can learn and get involved in.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought and inspiration of the type of holidays you could consider with the family this year.

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