Earth Friendly Baby Review

The purpose of earth friendly baby is to create high quality, natural products that are healthy for babies, their friends and the planet .
I was sent four products from the Earth Friendly Baby Range to review with Tyrus, however the entire family decided that they would test them too…
Bath time has never been simpler with these lovely, all-in-one body cleansers. Head and shoulders, knees and toes… whoopee! Choose from our three delightful Shampoo & Bodywashes – soothing Organic Chamomile, relaxing Organic Lavender and funtime Organic Mandarin. They have been specially created to gently cleanse Baby’s delicate hair and skin without leaving behind residue
The first product that we tried was the Mandarin Shampoo and Bodywash. We took this on holiday with us, because space is limited when you are packing for eight, so this was perfect as there was no need to take separate bubble bath/shower gel and shampoo.
It smelt good enough to eat and all of the children loved it. It was suitable for Tyrus aged 3 months all the way up to Lochlan at 11 and not one child complained of any stinging eyes or irritation. It made their hair and body smell lovely and their hair looked very shiny. This is a perfect all in one solution and I would definitely recommend it.

Lovely refreshing scents, rich foam and great cleaning all at the same time! As if that’s not enough, it leaves baby’s skin feeling very smooth, ready for mum to massage, dress and start a new day or to put to bed! In a great value, easy pouring 370ml bottle, a little goes a long way – so pour carefully!
The Chamomile Bubble Bath we used at home, and when it says a little goes along way, they are telling the truth! I thought I had only put a little drop in, however after a few minutes of the water running, the bath was full to the brim with bubbles, which the children thought was amazing and spent the next five minutes playing Bubble tag….
It left all of their skin feeling very soft and moisturised and I feel it is great value, because you really only need such a small amount to have a complete bathful of bubbles!

These body lotions are ideal to use all over baby’s body, and come in aromas of soothing Organic Chamomile, relaxing Organic Lavender and fresh Organic Mandarin. They are packed full of organic extracts such as healing calendula as well as skin-beneficial angelica, red clover, elder flower and passionflower. We have also included moisturising shea butter together with lots of vitamins to make these extra special products.
We were sent the Chamomile Body Lotion and it was lovely, in fact anyone in the house that had any dry patches immediately reached for this lotion, from dry arms, to feet, to legs, not forgetting using all over baby Tyrus after his bath, this really was a family favourite. It absorbed quickly and didn’t feel greasy, it has a lovely refreshing smell and is easily applied with the pump. You don’t need to use very much, so another product that will last quite a long time, although probably not in this house with eight people using it!

Isn’t it always a pleasure to use a soft and thick wipe, Baby? What’s more, these wipes are 100% biodegradable so they help look after our environment. They have been made with mild ingredients including organic chamomile and calendula to gently cleanse and soothe your delicate skin. They are also unfragranced, alcohol-free and tested to be hypoallergenic. Each pack has 72 wipes.
The final product we were sent was a pack of baby wipes. As you can imagine with six children I have had my share of different baby wipes. These ones were quite surprising, although unfragranced they still had a pleasant smell to them, unlike some that are just awful.
The fact that they are biodegradable is a big bonus, and means they are much kinder to the environment than many other baby wipes, although I did expect them to be quite thin and fall apart, however I was very surprised at how thick and luxurious they felt and were not too wet, they cleaned Tyrus and Eowyn with ease.
A very pleasing packet of Baby wipes that are kind to the planet.
These products are definitely worth a try, they use natural ingredients, are not tested on animals and really do look after your skin, its a big thumbs up in this House for Earth Friendly Baby xxx

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