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One really amazing thing that the internet has given us is the unique ability to try and discover more stuff than ever before and this is never more true than for the kitchen. There are thousands upon thousands of recipe sites where you can discover new dishes, tastes and flavourings with recipes and ideas from across the whole world. There are also many sites online where you can find a wide range of cooking utensils because as anyone knows, a chef can be a good chef but without the right tools then they are limited in their scope at what they can make. How can you descale that fish easily without a fish descaler? How can you strip those herbs without a specialised herb stripper? If you really want to be the expert in the kitchen you need the right tools.

One such site I found online offers the chance for users to browse and discover new products in the kitchen and also share any cool kitchen equipment they find themselves. It is a community of those who love shopping for stuff for the kitchen and really like to try out new things in the kitchen. The site is quite new but growing all the time with more and more users finding and sharing what tools they buy online. There is also a wishlist feature so that if you find something you like you but don’t have the chance to buy it, you can save it for later. Creating an account is completely free to do.

Often when you have a certain shop that you use to buy stuff, whether that is in the high street or online, there is usually a limited range of items. Some products for English recipes, maybe a few for French food and some for Spanish and Italian but this site is a collection of kitchen products from all around the world. One of the favourite discoveries I made has to be this Himalayan salt board where you can cook anything from eggs to muscles and even meat. The actual seasoning is done in the board, it locks in the taste in flavours and creates a really good final dish. Cooking on salt boards is something that is done in many countries in the world but hasn’t quite kicked off yet in the United Kingdom. Salt Boards are also the complete cooking package from grilling, chilling, searing to serving it handles it all. Not to mention that to clean it is pretty simple!

What’s more, this site doesn’t have to be about just looking for kitchen equipment for yourself, you can also find perfect gifts for people who are not so adventurous in the kitchen to try and get them interested and involved! So next time you are in the kitchen and want to try out something new, take a look at the web and think about the type of equipment you want to try out. What new dishes and ideas can you try out? Give it a go and you may be pleasantly surprised at just what you can achieve. Why not check out 17 Amazing Dessert Lasagnas

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