Daddy, I’m A Zombie DVD Review

Join Dixie and Friends on a spooky adventure to a magical world of Witches, Pirates and Mummies !
Finding herself in a strange new world, she must befriend Isis (an Egyptian mummy princess) and Gonner (a pirate cabin boy) and defeat the evil witch, Nubulosa, so that she can find her way home!
UK & Ireland Cert: PG
Price : 6.99
Run time: 79 minutes.
Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK.
Its that spooky time of year again, and the children love watching new films, so I was curious to see what they would make of this DVD, the run time is about right for all of the children to be able to sit and watch it and the cover didn’t seem too scary.
Eowyn aged 3, was keen to watch the film, however after 25 minutes she announced she had finished watching and went off to play with the Playmobil!
The other four children aged between seven and fourteen sat and watched the entire film without making any noise or arguing with each other, which means they did actually enjoy the film immensely.
Neva aged nine said that her favourite character was the random hippy zombie, who Lochlan (12) also called amazing.
They all agreed that it was a good halloween film that isn’t too scary and was very funny, Xene’s(14) favourite character  was Isis and Lochlan thought the evil person’s tiny minion was very funny.
Both boys loved Gonner’s flamethrower.
So I would say this was a big hit and definitely an enjoyable family film to watch around this time of the year.

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