Check Out House of Fraser’s Cool Kids Clothes

Having four boys, I always try to ensure that each of the children have at least a few items of clothing that are just theirs, its so easy to just pass clothing down ( if they survive the endless football slides and tackles!).

Although Viggo is only aged 2, he is catching Tyrus  (aged 5) up already, Tyrus is small for his age, so they are both currently in size 3-4 clothing, although they both have completely different styles.

I am always looking for new places to shop, so when I was asked if I would like to try out clothing from the House of Fraser Kids Clothing Viggo was only too happy to help!

DSC_0521 (1)

We were sent this gorgeous Lyle & Scott top, and a very funky pair of Sunglasses, which Viggo has been wearing at every opportunity.

The top washed really well, with no fading and Viggo kept rubbing his hands on his tummy which he only does when he likes the feel of the material (usually he will strip off if he doesn’t like it!) This top stayed on all day, which is a good sign that he is comfortable in it.

DSC_0508 (2)

DSC_0511 (1)

DSC_0515 (1)

As you can see, Viggo is very pleased with his new top and glasses!

They have some gorgeous clothes, for boys and girls and I will definitely be checking them out ready for the children’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Have you had a look at House of Frasers Kids clothing, what do you think ?


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