How you can be a better role model for your children

As a parent, there’s no doubt you’ll want to be the best role model for your children, but knowing how to do this can be tricky. So, to make sure you’re setting a good example for your little ones, keep reading.

Demonstrate kindness

As the saying goes, ‘kindness makes the world go round’, and it’s an important lesson that you should teach your children from a young age. The good news is, there is a long list of ways you can practice acts of kindness with your brood, whether it’s encouraging them to help out with tasks around the house or teaching them how to share their toys.

You could also demonstrate the importance of kindness by giving to charity. For example, you could ask them if they would like to donate any of their unused toys or books to your local charity shop. You could also explain the value of contributing money. For instance, if you’re religious, you could explain the ways in which your faith helps those in need, such as how you can donate your Zakat if you’re a Muslim.

Always tell the truth

When it comes to your kids, the chances are you’ll want them to understand that honesty is the best policy. Being truthful and sincere can help ensure that little ones grow up to be well-rounded individuals. As a parent, it’s up to you to teach your children the importance of being honest in all that they do. However, youngsters learn by example, so if they witness you stretching the truth from time to time, it’s likely that they’ll follow suit. This means it’s vital that you demonstrate honesty yourself. If your kids see you being clear and upfront, you’ll be setting a great example.

Admit when you’re wrong

Sometimes, giving in and admitting you’re wrong can be difficult. But, even if your pride takes a dent in the process, owning up to your own mistakes is a healthy thing to do – and it’s something you should instil in your kids too. In order for your little ones to realise when they’ve done something wrong, you need to show that you’re not afraid to acknowledge your own errors. If they see you recognising when you’re in the wrong, your kids are likely to follow suit.


There’s no denying that learning how to be the best model for your children can be a challenge. However, by providing a good example, you should find that your little ones grow up to be kind, honest and wholesome individuals.

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