Camping Anyone ? Asda Tents maybe

This week is Neva’s last few days at Primary School, to celebrate I have somehow been talked into letting her entire class come and camp out in my back garden!!

Many of the parents have said to me, they have big family tents, but not smaller ones just for a couple of eleven year olds, so I was very pleased to receive information about Asda’s latest range of pop up tents!!


This 4 man tent is only £20, perfect for a smaller family, or going to a festival, it is available in store only.

970693_-_Blue_1 970693_-_Pink_1


Theses pop up tents are fantastic, at £22 each, available in store or online, they just pop right up and are ready to camp in, I hope we have some of these at the camping, it will make setting the campsite up much quicker!!

But my favourite one has to be…



The Jelly Bear tent, is only £15 and I LOVE it!! It can be found in-store and online.

Check back next week to see what selection of tents we are faced with …

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