Becoming More Self-Sufficient: Easy Wins

Becoming completely self-sufficient is a tall order and almost impossible for the majority of people. That said, every little helps and where we are able to take measures to become more self-sufficient, we should, perhaps, at least consider them. So, what easy wins are there when it comes to becoming more self-sufficient?

What Does Being Completely Self-Sufficient Mean?

Being completely self-sufficient means developing a life where, as far as your domestic situation goes, nothing comes in and nothing goes out – a closed-loop system. That means that all food, water and power for you and your home are self-produced.

You need to install solar panels, find a water source such as a well, grow and rear you own food. Yes, it is a tall order. Taking small steps in the right direction, however, is something that most of us are capable of doing.

Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg

One way of striving towards a more self-sufficient life and one with a less significant carbon footprint is to grow your own fruit and veg – or at least some off it. A small plot of land, pots in the garden or a polytunnel will facilitate the process and can be really rewarding.

This does, of course, require time and effort if the spoils of your labour are to have a significant impact, but can act as inspiration from which to pursue more ways in which to become more self-sufficient.

Keeping Hens

Keeping livestock, like pigs, requires a lot of space, but keeping hens is a much more realistic prospect. A small coop that will keep them safe is the only major outlay (ahem), once you have that then tending the hens lovingly will mean lots of free range eggs. Looking after the hens is something the whole family can be involved in, as is eating the eggs, which taste fantastic.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are now a common addition to houses across the country and you don’t have to walk very far from your own home to spot some. Used in an eco-house, as part of a sophisticated heating system, solar panels can eradicate electricity bills and even turn a profit for their owners.

For most of us, however, they would reduce the cost of our energy bills and so doing the sums is worthwhile, particularly when you account for the fact that once they are bought and installed there is nothing else to pay for and the saving you make will add up over time.

Taking small steps to becoming more self-sufficient is achievable and can present us with some easy wins.

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