Alternative Hobbies for the Extreme

Often, a mainstream sport or hobby just won’t cut it for a kid. They’ll naturally want something edgier, something which not a lot of people around them are doing. But it’s hard to know as a parent just exactly what is going to excite them and what they’re going to stick with. Furthermore, you want to make sure that it isn’t going to break your bank in order for them to keep up with their new hobby, and ensure that’s it’s going to be perfectly safe for them on top. But while the word “extreme” might seem a little drastic to some, there are a range of extreme sports that take their safety precautions very seriously. If this all sounds good to you, you might actually consider getting involved along with your child for a little bonding time. Here are just a few examples of some extreme sports that may take your fancy.


Kids can actually start to pick up a snowboard and begin learning at around four, so it’s rarely too early to get out with the family and hit the slopes. As long as you get them the proper gear and a board that is the right size and fit you’ll be good to go. Snowboarding is a sport that will provide a seriously in-depth workout, but can also be delved into extremely deeply, meaning that both you and your child can feel a sense of accomplishment when you pull off a tricky manoeuvre for the first time. It’s also much easier than it used to be to find a place to get snowboarding, as more and more indoor slopes are cropping up all over the place in the past few years.

Stunt Scootering

Freestyle and stunt scootering has been slowly but surely taking over skate parks in the past few years. The style of stunt scootering is a mix of BMXing and skateboarding, and will provide just as rigorous a workout as either of these sports. MADD MGP Scooters in particular are known for being the go-to extreme scooter brand, so they would serve as a great place to start with the sport. Check out to take a look for yourself. While impressive once mastered, stunt scootering is an easily-adopted hobby due to the number of parks which now offer the facilities required to hone your skills.


Caving is quite a specific and in-depth hobby to take up, but is quite unlike anything else you can experience. Plus, it’s long been hailed as a fantastic way to get a full-body workout. Exploring wild cave systems will appeal directly to your teen’s senses of mystery and adventure, and maybe yours as well. While the equipment can be expensive, there are many clubs and societies you can join that will provide this for you should you feel that Caving is something you’d like to try out. So take a look around your local area and see what options are available to you and your child.

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