Adult Halloween Party anyone ?

Every year Broadland-Great Yarmouth RFC host a Halloween Fancy Dress Party, and this year will be no exception!!

I LOVE dressing up, in fact my Fancy Dress wardrobe is actually bigger than my normal wardrobe, with Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Fancy Dress Parties every year for rugby and the occasional birthday fancy dress parties, we have an abundance of them, ranging from 6 months old to Extra Large Adult sizes…

Last Year I went as a witch, and Asa was a devil

This year I shall be a Skeleton and Asa a Zombie American Footballer, I am guessing he will be the warmer of the two!! I am just hoping this rain ceases so that my make up doesn’t run…
Each year we try our best to make it look as spooky as we can, this year I have been very fortunate to have been given some decorations to make it look fabulous.
Asda have supplied us with some amazing decorations, including Boris The Butler

and a very eerie looking Crow

We have light up pumpkins, tinsel, Bunting, Spider Room Stickers, lantern Lights and not forgetting

the all important Shot Glasses, oh yes people there will be drinks a plenty!! Being a rugby club there will be lots of silly games and a golf ball shall make an appearance at some point (I have a sneaky plan for that, but I will let you know tomorrow how it goes!! sshh)
Party Packs also sent us some rather groovy decs

Not forgetting Silly Jokes who sent us a string of glittery light up skulls that are just too cool..

Check back tomorrow to see how it all came together and hear about the Halloween Evening.




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