Adding Some Extra Appeal To Your Home Before Putting It On The Market

Before selling your property, you need to make sure you enhance it. You need to show off your property’s best attributes while also dealing with anything that is holding it back, for example, a lack of storage space or an awkwardly-shaped room. With that being said, read on for some tips on adding some extra appeal to your home before putting it on the market.

How to deal with awkward spaces to boost your home’s appeal

Awkward spaces are tricky business in any home! If you leave them as they are, they will stick out like a sore thumb! The viewer will notice them and view the area as troublesome and a waste. Nine times out of ten this will be a negative against your property. It is up to you to show the viewer that it is a positive. You have to demonstrate how the area can be used. This turns a negative awkward space into a potential selling point!

When it comes to typical awkward areas, most people will automatically think of under the stairs. Why not turn this into storage space with some contemporary shelving? In fact, one excellent idea is to create a small workstation. You can build your own desk, with some shelves and a bulletin board. Or, if all else fails, make it a decorative space. Look for some attractive yet neutral art or sculptures to highlight the area as one that looks stylish, rather than it being a tricky space.

Aside from this, if you have an awkward layout in a bedroom, such as an irregular shape, this can be solved with some luxurious cushions. You can create a cozy little space for relaxation. The viewers don’t need to know you never use it. You can also make some big changes to your bedroom that will free up space and give you more storage. For example, purchasing a Divan Bed from the likes of Divan Base Direct will give you plenty of storage space while freeing up floor space in the room itself, making it look bigger and more appealing. You can sell the bed with the home if you don’t want to take it with you. However, it turns a room that may be problematic into a major selling point.

Don’t let your carpet prevent a sale

Let’s be frank, for most buyers there is nothing worse than seeing a worn and stained carpet. They look at it and they instantly realise they are going to need a replacement. Not only does this mean more money for them, but a lot of hassle too.

A dirty and worn carpet can also have a hugely negative impact on the rest of the room. It makes it look old and dated – an image no one wants when trying to sell his or her property.

You do not necessarily need to buy a new carpet. If yours can be salvaged by a good clean, you should have it done professionally. Your carpet will look as good as new, and this can completely revitalise a room!

Yet, if your carpet is beyond saving, it is time to admit defeat and purchase a new one. Or, why not scrap the carpet idea altogether? A great option is to go for hardwood flooring. This is in fashion and can be a big selling point.

You could even refinish the floor underneath to give a shabby effect – if this matches in with the style of your property of course. Buy a luxurious rug to finish off the look and you are good to go.

Boost your home’s kerb appeal

The outside of your home is just as important as the interior, if not more! This is likely to be the first thing people notice when they approach your property. It is your chance to set the scene. Impress your viewers and make them excited about viewing the inside of your home.

Make sure the exterior of your home is clean. You should thoroughly wash the front windows before any viewing and power wash any walkways. It is a good idea to invest in easy-to-read house numbers if you do not have these already. This makes your home easily noticeable. You don’t want to send your potential buyers on a wild goose chase!

You should mow the lawn and reseed as necessary. Plant some blooming flowers and fresh greenery before your viewing. This will really give your home’s exterior a great uplift – adding energy and personality. If any of your outdoor elements, such as the porch floor, needs to be stained or repainted, make sure you do this. Faded colour will make your home look dull.

So there you have it: some useful tips to boost your home’s appeal before a sale!

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