A Mum’s Guide To Selling Gold

We all love to buy gold jewellery, and over the years, we usually end up with items that we no longer wear. Rather than leaving old gold jewellery in our jewellery box, there are specialist gold dealers who will pay the current spot price for gold of all purities. You should therefore learn what there is to know about selling your gold jewellery, especially these tips.

Collecting Your Old Jewellery

It is a good idea to get together all the old gold jewellery that you have, and if it doesn’t amount to much, then wait until you have a little more. Have a good search around the house and you might find a few old earrings or bracelets to add to the collection.

Online Gold Dealers

You can check out the scrap gold prices from Gold Buyers Melbourne, as they always offer the best prices, and with offices in Melbourne, you can pay them a visit and sell all your old gold jewellery. The price depends on the purity of the gold in question, and, of course, the weight of the gold you wish to sell. By dealing with a leading gold dealer, you can be sure of getting the best scrap gold prices.

Checking The Spot Price

The price of gold is ever changing, and prior to selling yours, you should check online for current prices for scrap gold. Prices do not fluctuate that much, but by checking online, you can decide when the best time is to sell. The gold dealer would buy any item of gold jewellery, whether 9, 18, or 24k, and by visiting their offices in Melbourne, you can easily liquidate your old jewellery. There are articles you can find online which will give you tips on what to do with your gold jewellery, which might help.

Investing In Gold

Once you have sold your old gold jewellery, you could start to buy gold in bars, or even coins, which will be worth a lot more than old gold jewellery, and the same dealer who bought your old jewellery can sell your gold in any format. Gold coins are always a good investment, or you could buy small gold ingots, as they are also a good investment.

Opening A Savings Account For Your Child

This is a great idea, and every time you sell your old gold jewellery, you can add to the fund, which could be used in so many ways to help your child. It could, for example, be set aside for their further education, which will help them to realise their full potential.

We all have old jewellery lying around, and by selling it to a reputable gold dealer, you can get a return on something that you never wear. Have a good look in your home and you might be surprised at just how much old gold jewellery you have lying around. You could always ask your friends and together, you could amass a fair amount of old jewellery, then head off to the gold dealer to sell it.

By searching online, you can source a nearby gold dealer who would be happy to buy your old gold jewellery and would offer top prices.

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  1. I have a lot of old coins. I will have to check if they are anything of value. This is a great way to have some extra cash to put away as savings for something I have been dreaming of purchasing – a new Canon DSLR camera. 🙂

  2. This is surely for selected people only. I meant I am not fond of them but I know a few who really loves gold and hey, making it a livelihood is not that bad. What a nice post for the niche readers. This will help them good.

  3. My mom usually collects golds and I was young. I never knew the value of them but now I can see what my mothers’ investment now is really helpful.


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