7 Home remodelling ideas to increase the value of your home.

Thinking of moving? Here we have a list of the 7 best home remodelling ideas that will increase the value of your home so you can realise as much money as possible towards your new home.
Can’t move in the current property market? These 7 remodelling ideas will ensure that your home is comfortable and that you can maximise your space and enjoy the home you have for longer, saving the moving costs.
So often we get used to the home we live in, and we no longer look at it with a critical eye. The jobs that we noticed when we moved in are still there, but we no longer see them, or how to improve our environment. This list of 7 remodelling ideas is a great place to start.

01. How is your kitchen?
This is one of the first rooms that people evaluate when viewing a new home, and it is one that is seen as the hub of family life. Do you spend time in your kitchen? Would you like to spend more? Would someone viewing the property see it as a welcoming and functional room?
Let’s start by seeing how you can improve it yourself:
Can you move the furniture? Make more space? Change the window furnishings? Re-tile for something more up to date? Or does it need a whole new kitchen fitted?
An entirely new fitted kitchen is a big financial commitment, but it brings about a huge change to a room. There are though many changes that you can make without going to that cost.
If you have wooden units then a re-stain or re-paint can change the entire outlook of a room. A new table and chairs – even if they are only new to you – can really open out a room if they are smaller. Even a new coat of paint and a clean ceiling can really lift the light.

02. Refreshing your Bathroom.
Second only to the kitchen in judging a property is the bathroom. Will yours pass the inspection? Be honest.
A good deep clean goes a long way to changing the ambiance of the bathroom – along with the installation of an automatic toilet cleaner to keep the air fresh and fragrant.

If you need to undertake more of a makeover thing about some new tiling, maybe installing an over bath shower if there isn’t one, or a shower unit instead of a bath to free up more space.
Colour is very important in the bathroom, and the older style suites are no longer in fashion, installing a new, white, bathroom suite is not as difficult as it may seem, and will repay you in spades when it comes to the value of your property.

03. Take a look outside.
It isn’t called ‘kerb appeal’ for no reason. Go outside and be frank with yourself – what can you do in the garden to improve the appeal of your property?
Installing an automatic gate opener brings dividends not only if you are selling your house, but also if you are staying there – the convenience and security that it gives are really appreciated.
Do you need to repave a driveway? Cut back the hedging? Maybe take it out and put in some fencing to free up some space in the front garden?

04. The garden
The outside spaces of properties are being utilised more and more to expand the living area and give additional eating and recreational spaces. They are also, unfortunately, one of the first areas that are neglected when we are busy. The addition of a decking area if you have space will really appeal to anyone viewing.

05. Automatic Gate Opener
If your driveway gate opener is an old unit, manually controlled, think about having it replaced with automatic gate opener. They are not an expensive outlay, and an automatic driveway gate opener, in a modern colour, really can improve the appeal, not to mention improve your security.

06. Flooring
Often there are areas that you need to replace where there is heavy traffic. However throughout your property your flooring needs to be clean and functional. Hiring a carpet cleaner is a cheap and excellent way to improve the air quality, Working your way through the property brings freshness and also improves the colours of the carpets. This is especially important if you have pets.

07. Doors and windows.
Are these all in good condition. Do all of the security features work? Are they clean? If the units are not double-glazed then you may be surprised when you get a quotation in, they are not as expensive as they used to be.

These are 7 obvious remodelling jobs if you are selling or looking to improve your property, home improvements are becoming more popular as people are opting to remain in the same property rather than incur the costs involved in moving. If you do have to move though, considering these 7 remodelling ideas will make sure that you get the maximum from your sale.

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