6 Tips Mothers Can Teach Their Daughters About Taking Care of Their Hair

You might look at your daughter and feel jealous. While you have to find all these natural remedies for thicker hair and stick to them religiously, they – like many kids – get to enjoy straightforward washing and drying and still walk around looking like a Disney princess.

However, you know that this won’t last forever, even if they don’t just yet. You don’t want them to encounter the same problems you experienced as you got older, so you must share your wisdom and teach them how to look after their hair because you won’t always be there to offer advice. 

Establish a Routine 

Establishing a haircare routine as early as they can hold a hairbrush is a great way to make your daughter’s hair more manageable as they grow up.

You can take this opportunity to show them the proper technique to avoid damaging their hair while brushing it, as well as demonstrate the best ways to treat their hair at night and in the morning. 

Although their hair might be slightly different from yours, there are still many fundamental tips you can share that should apply to all hair types. At the very least, this gives them a decent foundation to build upon to help them take good care of the basics. 

Stop Taking It For Granted 

When you’re young, you assume that you will love forever. You assume your waistline will remain at this exact size, and you can get a couple of hours of sleep each night and still wake up full of energy.

Just like generations before her, your daughter will get quite the shock to her system. 

There will come a point when she needs to take better care of her hair, and the worse she treats it in her youth, the more trouble she’ll have in the future.

If you teach her to stop taking her hair for granted, she will be more respectful and build excellent care habits. 

Find Products That Work For Them 

It’s tempting to buy the cheapest hair products, especially if you’re living on a budget. But, as convenient as these products can be, they often don’t provide the full benefits.

This isn’t to say all cheap products are unsuitable, but it’s important to look out for ingredients and how your daughter’s hair reacts to them. 

Instead, they should look for products that work for them. These can be expensive sometimes, but they will also help them keep their hair in excellent condition. If they use the products sparingly, they should also last much longer than usual. 

Teach Them Excellent Care Habits 

Excellent and even unusual hair care tips are a great way for you to bond with your daughter and pass on some crucial knowledge.

These tips go above a regular routine and may only be appropriate once your daughter is old enough to understand why certain [products or remedies are so effective. 

If you want to make these habits stick, dedicate an evening every week to pampering yourselves, as this will allow you to hang out and also means you don’t need to spend too much having a girl’s day at the salon. 

Do Their Research 

You cannot give her all the answers, though. There is only so much you can teach your daughter, and she may need to learn other essentials and treatment options by herself.

This also helps her if she moves away, whether traveling or going to university, as you won’t be there to help her if something goes wrong. 

If she wants to dye her hair, information about color correcting hair options is a must. You know you can’t lecture her about what she should know, so sharing information and letting her learn everything she should know will be more effective. 

Solve Common Problems 

As much as teen hair seems low maintenance, there are also some issues as they learn how to take better care of their hair. Understanding the most common issues teens face allows you to get ahead of the problem, especially with oily hair or dandruff.

You know how mortifying these issues can be at that age, so make sure you approach them sensitively so you can gently offer advice that makes your daughter feel more comfortable and confident. 

Passing On Lessons

As the years go by, you need to take better care of your body from head to toe. One of the most beloved parts of your body is your hair, and if your daughter feels the same way.

These tips will help maintain their luscious locks for many years to come, ensuring thick and flowing hair that looks good no matter what. 

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