6 Helpful Tips For Making a Big Family Move Easier

A large family often means greater joy, but it can also be a big responsibility. And when you’re planning a move with such a big family, the challenges you’ll face and the responsibilities you’ll have may seem endless, from taking care of your children during the move to organizing a stress-free relocation. While this will undoubtedly be a difficult task, there’s truly no reason why it should be a daunting one as well. Here are some of the best and most helpful tips that make your big family move go as smoothly and pleasantly as possible:

Prepare your family for the move

Once you’ve made the final decision to move, it would be wise to have a conversation with your family as soon as possible, whether right after the decision is made or once the ideal future home has been found. Talking openly and honestly about the move on time with your children, along with the reasons for the move and the necessary dates and rough schedules, will allow them to feel less stressed and more excited about the new circumstances they’re about to face. This becomes especially important when it comes to long-distance moving with a family, as such a drastic change of living environment can be difficult for anyone, particularly younger children.

Organise the move in advance

While any relocation can present a challenge, planning and organising a move can be especially difficult when you’re moving with a big family. That is why it would be a good idea to approach the move categorically. Start by decluttering your home and getting rid of everything you don’t wish to keep, and then make a thorough inventory of the items that need to be moved. Once you have a set inventory, you can make a detailed packing checklist, which will allow you to get all the necessary supplies, and organise the packing and moving processes according to your priorities, as well as your family’s schedule.

Hire necessary help for the move

Considering all the different aspects that go into moving, as well as a large number of family members to organize, even detailed advanced planning might not be enough to ensure a stress-free move day. For that reason, the best thing you could do for yourself and your family is to hire the services of trusted and professional long distance movers who will make sure your final family move day goes as smoothly as possible. Whether it’s helping you pack the items you might have overlooked, providing reliable vehicles, or even offering international and car shipping, an expert moving company will be able to cater to all your needs, making a big family move that much easier.

Include your children in the process

When you include your children in the moving process, they will be far less fearful of what’s to come, allowing them to develop more pleasant feelings about the upcoming move, and avoid any stress and tantrums when the day actually comes. So, aim to give your children tasks from the start, whether that means helping you declutter, closing boxes, asking them to pack their own rooms, or even carrying a few boxes that aren’t particularly heavy or fragile. Even the smaller activities will help your children feel more important and more included in this big family decision, and it might just make the move a bit easier on you as well.

Ensure everyone is safe and sound

Regardless of your organizational skills and the help you get, the final moving day is bound to get a bit hectic, as is the case with any move. But apart from being somewhat stressful and challenging, such a chaotic day can also present some serious dangers, from a crowded home to bulky furniture and heavy boxes being carried around. While older children might be able to help during this process, it would be best to leave younger kids with a family member or a babysitter, to ensure their safety and security, while giving you some peace of mind amid the chaos.

Say your hellos and necessary goodbyes

One thing you shouldn’t forget before the final move day is to take your children to their new home, where they can choose their rooms, get familiar with the new house, and even get to know the neighborhood. This will allow your kids to feel calmer and much more excited about the upcoming relocation. For that same reason, it might also be a good idea to throw a moving-away party or spend some time saying goodbye to the old home and the friends your children might have in the area, while still reassuring your kids they’ll be able to invite them to your new home, in an effort to prevent any negative feelings and outbursts during the move.

Although big family moves always present a certain challenge, they don’t necessarily have to be as daunting and stress-inducing as you might imagine, as long you adequately prepare well in advance.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced writer and editor. He’s a regular contributor to numerous online publications, where he writes about lifestyle, family, travel, home improvement, and sustainable living.

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