5 Simple Purchases That Will Help Your Family Save Money All Year Long

As we approach the end of the year, regaining control of your family finances is probably a priority. After a very challenging 2020, the start of a new year offers a chance to get organised once more. 

However, we’ve all heard the phrase “speculate to accumulate”, and it shouldn’t be limited to business. The following five investments can improve your quality of life and will aid your finances in the long-term too.

Green Home Tech

Adding eco-friendly tech features to the home will require an initial outlay. On a brighter note, many of the items will add to the value of your property while simultaneously reducing your energy bills. Roof solar panels are now more affordable than ever before. However, smaller changes may include switching to LED lights or using water-saving toilets. There is no right or wrong solution, but you will want to research and understand the proposed costs and benefits. Only then can you make a calculated list of priorities that support your bank balance as well as the environment.

Clothing Repair Kits

Every parent knows that kids will rip and damage their clothes from time to time. OK a little (a lot) more frequently than that. Sewing machines and related products will reduce the stress and help you spend less on replacement clothes. Given how quickly kids grow out of items anyway, spending huge sums of money on multiple outfits seems a big waste. Besides, this will also open the door to a little upcycling and personalisation.

Slow Cooker

The Crock Pot may seem like a luxury purchase built for lazy cookers. In reality, it will revolutionize your approach to home cooking. You will cook more portions, which can save energy and reduce your food waste. Meanwhile, it’s very hard to get things wrong. Therefore, even a novice cook can create stunning meals time and time again. Thousands of recipes and video tutorials can be found online or via traditional media. Further kitchen improvements can include a lean grille or adding a filter tap to reduce the need to buy plastic bottles. 

Tools To Help Children Save

As a parent, getting kids involved in family tasks will make your life a whole lot easier. When it comes to saving, Pigzbe is the perfect companion for youngsters. It teaches them good financial practices that can be incorporated into daily life from an early age. Crucially, this will set them up for a financially responsible future. This can be combined with rewards charts and age-appropriate chores for pocket money. You will soon be blessed with great little savers.

Streaming Services


The world is shifting towards streaming services. If your family is yet to do this, now is the perfect time to think about it. Whether it’s Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime is a personal preference. Either way, the cost of 2 or 3 streaming services will be far cheaper than your cable television deal. In most cases, the content is more suitable to meet the family needs too. You won’t even care about the lost TV channels while you’ll love the ability to binge-watch shows on your time. The fact that you’ll save hundreds of dollars over the year is a major bonus.


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