4 Things You Should Never Store at Home – Especially with Kids in the Family!

Even the best of parents know that they can’t keep their eyes on their children every moment of every day. It’s a virtual impossibility! Although you can kid proof rooms and keep most dangerous items such as cleaning chemicals and medications high above their reach, there are some things you simply can’t afford to store at home. These are usually the high value items that can be destroyed in a moment, leaving you to suffer a financial loss you can ill-afford. The following four items should never be stored at home if you have kids running about.

1. Expensive Jewellery

There is something about the beauty of expensive jewellery that appeals to kids. You can be sitting with your child only to leave for a few moments to answer to phone. Upon your return, you find your jewellery box open and that diamond tennis bracelet is nowhere to be found. The safest place to store expensive jewellery would be in a bank safe deposit box. Banks such as Lloyds offer secure safe deposit boxes perfect for sentimental items and expensive jewellery. Unless you take them with you, kids can’t access those costly items!

2. Fur Coats

There are a number of furriers throughout the country that offer storage for your lovely, and highly expensive, fur coats and wraps. Sometimes the furrier you purchased the coat from offers safe storage and other times you will need to locate one through a quick and easy online search. No matter which one you choose, always vet them to ascertain that the furs are being stored under optimal climate controlled conditions in summer months and that they have adequate security in place. As a reminder to parents, even in the winter it’s best to keep sticky fingers (and fingers with scissors!) away from that lovely fur coat. Storage is the only sure way to accomplish this.

3. Fine Wines

If you have made a recent, rather large, wine investment on a tour of vineyards throughout countries like France and Italy, you will want to ensure that each bottle is being stored under optimal conditions. Fine wines only get better with age and this is why they are often stored for decades, but this only ‘works’ if you store them properly. Wine cellars such as those at Octavian which are stored 100 feet below the Wiltshire Hills can ensure that your wines are stored at proper temperatures and positions. What kind of loss would you experience if the little ones got into your wine cellar at home, crashing several bottles to the cement floor? What a devastating loss that would be!

4. Important Documents and Financial Instruments

How many times have you walked into a room only to find your toddler has taken crayons or markers to your family photo album or life insurance documents? Little kids don’t understand the value of such things and to them, paper is something you draw on. Never store those documents at home, even under lock and key, because they are going to be vulnerable to theft and/or over-creative little artists.

If you have anything of value in your home, it’s time to take inventory so that you know what you need to protect and how to best protect those things. Usually, professional storage is the best way to protect them, so act now to protect those things you can’t afford to lose.

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