4 Smart Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents

As rewarding as taking care of your family can be, it definitely isn’t easy being a stay-at-home parent. Although you love your children and you know caring for them is the most important work you could ever do, it’s perfectly normal that you sometimes feel trapped. You might miss your job, being in contact with people outside your home, and, of course, you could always use some extra money. Fortunately, there are some great ideas for stay-at-home parents to earn that additional cash while still being there for their family. Here are some of those ideas.


If you decide to start tutoring, there are so many options out there for you. For instance, you can tutor elementary-school children or high-school students in any subject you’re really good at. Furthermore, if you used to be a successful businessman or a businesswoman, use your entrepreneurship skills and knowledges to train others who are trying to become one. The best thing about being a tutor is that you can make your own schedule, so that you have time for all your daily family-related tasks, while still managing to squeeze in a lesson or two into your day. You can even teach English, or any other language you’re fluent in. This is something you can also do online, and in that case, you can choose students from another time zone, meaning that you can give them lessons late in the evening, after your children have gone to bed and you can focus all your attention to what you’re doing. After all, nobody wants to pay for tutoring if there are screaming children in the background during the lessons.

Making money online

There are so many ways in which you can earn money online. If you’re good with words and don’t mind doing some research, you can become a copywriter. You can even start your own blog and write about things that interest you and that you’re familiar with. For instance, if your world revolves around child rearing, why not start a blog about that? There are many people out there who appreciate good advice and who would love to learn from your experience. Once your blog attracts enough readers, you can start charging advertisements on it, then sign up to websites like Blogger Outreach. For those who don’t have the time or the vocabulary for copywriting and blogging, there are also the options of testing video games or taking online surveys.

 On the other hand, if you’re truly technologically inclined and own the right equipment, you can become a successful crypto miner and earn some serious money that way. You’ll need some patience, though, so that you monitor the crypto network and verify cryptocurrency transactions in order to receive valuable rewards. The internet offers a bounty of options for making money. It’s just the matter of finding what suits you best.

Hosting exchange students

Other than being great for your family’s budget, hosting exchange students can actually have some other benefits. While the students can improve their English through staying with an English-speaking family, you and your children can also learn a lot about their culture and perhaps even some of their own language as well. However, in order to be a good host for foreign students, your home should be in proximity of a college or a university campus. Within walking distance of them would be perfect. You’ll also need a spare room, preferably an en suite one, which you’ll decorate for the student to be comfortable. Plus, you’ll most likely have to make them at least one meal a day, but that’s something which you normally do for your own family anyway, so it mostly comes down to setting another plate at dinner time.

Selling crafts

Those people who are creative and good with their hands, meaning that they can make attractive accessories better than others, can turn this into a business opportunity. You might be good at sewing or knitting, which can allow you to sell unique handmade sweaters, scarves or hats, or you might be good at baking and decorating mouth watering cookies and cakes. Some people can make adorable jewellery, handbags or even toys for the little ones. There are always children and parents who will cherish a nice rag doll, a tiny wooden furniture set or knitted animals. Whatever it is that you can do or make, you’re bound to find buyers for it online, since there is a market on the internet for more or less everything. If you want to skip using your computer to sell you crafts, you can do that as well, but with a lot more effort. It would involve the old-fashioned flyers and word of mouth, but also a stand in a market, especially those holiday ones. This type of work would give you a creative outlet and would be a great way to meet new people, from those who simply admire all things handmade, to those who are just as artistic as you and are eager to exchange ideas with others.

Being a stay-at-home parent doesn’t mean you can’t also do some work to contribute to your family budget. Plus, you might like the change in dynamics and find joy in doing something you don’t usually do.

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