4 Favourite Activities for Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning offers a variety of benefits to young children and it’s undeniably an essential part of their education. Most importantly, it teaches children that learning can happen both inside and outside of the classroom, in school or at home; there is something to learn in everything around us. Learning outdoors can also help children to develop a sense of respect for the environment and curiosity about nature which we need much more of currently!

So how can we encourage our children to learn about the outdoors and what kind of activities can we plan with them? A Private School in Notting Hill has listed their 4 favourite activities for outdoor learning to give us all a little bit of inspiration!

Build a bird feeder

Try building a bird feeder with your children and invite some feathered friends to feast in your garden! Making a bird feeder is a really quick and easy activity, and all you need is some bendy wire, string, raisins and some chopped up apple and cheese. This will also give you the chance to watch and learn about the millions of types of birds!

Create an Autumnal piece of art

September to October is the perfect time to go out and collect all of the beautiful reds, oranges and yellow leaves scattered all over the floor. Once you have found all of your supplies, you just need a piece of paper and some PVA glue to complete your masterpiece!

Build a den

A fun and educational activity you could explore with your family is teaching them some essential survival skills. Build a den using twigs and leaves, show them how to use a map and a compass or camp out for the weekend!

Grow your own

Introduce an area in the garden for a vegetable patch and show your child how to be responsible, patient and persistent – all vital life skills that will be needed for the future. Teach your children what vegetables grow well in each season and what care they need to grow.


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