10 Ways to Increase The Value of Your Land

Every piece of land is valuable, depending on its features. If it’s located in a strategic and well-developed area, you don’t need to do much to increase its value. The land is already sellable as it is close to roads, and you can quickly connect it to power and water. However, if your land lies in an area that is not well known, you may have to do a few things to make it more appealing.

Simple Ways to Boost The Value of Your Land 

  • Make it more accessible

A perfect property that is not accessible will not fetch much. Most buyers will dismiss it and keep looking until they find an easily accessible home. It is advisable that you invest in good roads leading to your land.

You can talk to your neighbours and together combine efforts to construct a passable road. Remember to seek legal advice because you may need to clear trees or interfere with other people’s land.

  • Install utilities

Your land can be worth more if you install utilities. It helps buyers to picture how they can easily set up a home. Some of the utilities that you can install include sewer lines or at least have the ground tested. A perk test verifies if the soil is good enough and helps you know the best septic system to purchase.

  • Add structures

Building structures on the land makes it homely. People are attracted to areas with houses, storage barns, and others. They also increase the value of your property. Just make sure any structure you add increases appeal to buyers. Some ideas, such as hunting cabins, cannot make any difference. Investigate what most buyers are looking for and ensure your land can be turned into a home.

  • Add an appealing gate

The first impression of a home makes a huge difference. Capture the hearts of buyers with a beautiful and sturdy gate that will also keep trespassers away. However, make sure the entrance is good enough for future use. If the land is big, consider its utilisation, which may include farming. Therefore, you may want to install a gate that would easily allow passage for big vehicles or equipment into the home.

  • Have a reliable drainage system

If you bought raw land, it means drainage systems are not installed. Stagnant water on a piece of land can lower its value immensely. Therefore, consider solving the drainage issues first by having proper drain mechanisms put in place. This will not only elevate the value of the land but make it perfect for farming.

  • Plant trees

Clear the thick bushes on the land and plant trees. This is an affordable way that can help you beautify the land and increase its value. However, when planting the trees, locate them strategically so that they do not block the scenic views. When not sure how to do it, consider hiring a landscaper; this is a professional who will not let you down. Buyers will automatically be impressed. Additionally, they will benefit from timber in the future.

  • Build a fence

Fencing is another great way of improving your land. Choose a fence that suits your type of land and its possible uses. A good example is the whiteboard horse fence; while it looks great, it will not come in handy for a cattle farm. Additionally, a cattleman will find a barbed wire fence appealing and good enough for his livestock.

Fencing comes with several benefits, including marking out the boundaries of the land and keeping other animals away. It can also be used to divide pasture areas while protecting your lawn and the back yard from livestock.

What’s more, your fence will keep wild animals such as deer away from your ornamental trees, orchards, flowers, and vegetable gardens. Remember to maintain the fence or seek help from a professional from apfencing.co.uk. Therefore, when a potential buyer takes a walk through the property, they will gets impressed by the good looking and functional fence.

  • Increase curb appeal

Curb appeal can also be used to increase land value. Although it is most often associated with homes, when used in the right way, it can help sell your land fast. This is something you can do by yourself without incurring any expenses. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Removing the garbage and junk
  • Clearing any overgrown shrubs
  • Pruning overgrown trees
  • Getting rid of weeds
  • Clearing thick bushes
  • Getting rid of all environmental hazards, including old wells and unused chemicals

If you are too busy to change how your land looks, consider hiring a landscaper. It is possible to find one even when you’re on a tight budget. Most buyers will pay more for a land that has a curb appeal and requires little work. They would not want raw land that will take time to develop.

  • Make sure there is plenty of water

Water is essential, and land without any running water may not be easy to sell. With water, farming, and creating a beautiful lawn becomes much easier. A land that looks green is appealing and desirable. If you need to reroute waterways, ensure that you talk to the local authorities.

  • Improve security

Regardless of where the land is located, security is one of the features most buyers consider. You can start by putting up trespassing signs, fences, and a gate. However, sometimes you may need advanced security tactics, including sturdy locks and doors along with an alarm system.

You can also install cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity or an alarm system to notify the police in case there is a break-in. Additionally, modern security cameras can be easily connected with your smartphone. This allows you to monitor your land even when you’re away.

Increase the Value of Your Land

Raw land has several opportunities. Although it is cheaper to buy, it can become valuable over time if properly developed. In case you don’t have the finances or the desire to develop your land, you can use the above ways to plan and landscape your garden.

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