10 Interior Design Choices to Maximise a Small Space

A small space can be challenging to work with. You may have grand ideas about how to decorate your dream home, and circumstances have led to life being a little bit different than what you planned. Whether that be children that leave a mess everywhere or so many things of your own that you don’t know where to start, it’s easier than you think to transform a home. 

A small space is not the end of the world when it comes to home development and decorating. It’s easy to make the most of a small room with clever design choices that complement and maximize the space at hand. 

With a few interior design hacks, you can turn a small space into one with hidden gems that guests envy when they come over. 

Keep Things Simple. 

It’s tempting to go overboard with things, and it’s easy to make this mistake when working with a small space. The design you have in your head may not translate into a smaller setting. Lots of decoration, patterns, and colors can make a room look overcrowded and overwhelming. 

Keep things simple to avoid a sensory overload in such a small space. If you are bombarded with things everywhere you turn, it can create a cramped feeling. 

With simple lines, one color story per room, and little decoration, it can create the illusion of more space with more minor things to get in the way. 

The Right Colour Choices. 

There is a saying that you should never use dark colors in a small space: this is not true. It’s possible to use dark colors in a smaller room, providing it matches the mood you’re trying to create. 

For a clean, open space in living rooms or kitchens, lighter colors with one statement pop of bright can work wonders. 

However, in the bedrooms, a darker color can create a cozy and warm feeling depending on the shade you go for. 

Visit Pinterest or paint shops to find color stories you like and see how you can make a small room work in your favor. 

Bright Colour Boost. 

When you keep things simple, that can often lead to a lot of bleak colors. You don’t have to go down this route to enjoy a room. While big white walls and grey nanoscale are a trend right now, they tend to feel impersonal and bleak. These one-colour rooms on the black and white scale are reminiscent of bland rental apartments and student accommodation. Or worse: prisons. 

A pop of a bright statement color here or there can change the mood of a room. Consider a brightly colored kettle and matching toaster in the kitchen, a brilliant bunch of flowers or fruit in the dining room, or interesting scatter cushions in the living room. 

A Nest of Tables. 

This is a great little space saver. It’s possible to accommodate guests around the coffee table when all of your tables only take up a small amount of space. 

Bring them out as a group for guests or keep them away in the corner and bring them out at smaller tables when needed. They can also be arranged in a way that creates a little staircase for ornaments. 

These are also an excellent option for people who don’t have room for a dedicated dining table. Just get a medium-size one and pull out the rest as needed. 

Space Illusions. 

Create the illusion of more space by taking advantage of high ceilings and light carpets. Have curtain rails that go all the way up to the top and down to the floor to create the illusion of a bigger house. 

Light carpets and light curtains help with this illusion and keep them similar to create a long line. 

Double Up the Uses. 

It’s possible to maximize space by doubling up the use of some furniture. For example, a coffee table as a dining table, a pull-out bed as a sofa, and a child’s cot as a reading nook. 

Other ideas include wide window sills as a comfy seat to read by the window. 

Keep Things off the Floor. 

Wall mounting things is an inventing way of keeping the floor clear. The more things attached to the bottom, the more cluttered it looks and the less room there is for more important things. 

Try a change in location by hanging a spice rank on the kitchen wall and a display cabinet mounted in the corner or mounted shelving units instead of a bookcase. Another idea is to have floor lamps attached to the wall to avoid wire tangles and a creative way to add light to a room. 

Make Use of Nooks and Crannies. 

There are loads of spaces in a home that aren’t of much use because they’re awkward or a strange shape. But there are plenty of things you can turn it into. 

For example, a cupboard under the stairs could become a winter coat wardrobe, a quirky shoe cabinet, or a den for the kids. 

Embrace the Cosy. 

Embrace the small space and make it something cozy. There are plenty of ways to do this, including warm colored wood furniture and warm white light bulbs, lots of cushions, and blankets with coffee table books. It’s also possible to have a complete overhaul and turn your house into a cozy little book shop cafe. 

Storage Solutions. 

There are plenty of options for storage solutions that can help you maximize the space you have. For example, drawer dividers to keep everything organized, storage beds or hanging shelves in the wardrobe to condense your clothing collection. 

You can also rotate items in and out of the loft or top of the wardrobe through vacuum bags that shrink everything down to a storable size. 

Minimize the Clutter. 

Marie Kondo came up with the magic art of tidying that took the interior design community by storm. Go through all of your things and get rid of everything that doesn’t bring you joy. Minimizing the clutter will help maximize the space. 


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