10 Gifts Every Blogger Needs This Holiday Season

10 Gifts Every Blogger Needs This Holiday Season

Have you started your holiday shopping? As the holiday shopping season heats up, I realised that some of us could use a little bit of help in figuring out what to buy for those on our list. I don’t know about you, but this is especially true for me when I am shopping for someone who has a completely different type of career or hobby than me. Getting a little heads up into what they want can save a massive amount of time and I like the sound of that. Do you have a blogger in your life that you need to shop for? As a blogger and as a friend of other bloggers, I have a personal connection so I can tell you a pretty good idea of what gifts every blogger needs this holiday season. The great thing about shopping for bloggers is that there are so many gift ideas for bloggers that they will love, it’s hard to fail at this shopping trip. If you are ready to get your shopping done, check out this list of 10 gifts that every blogger needs this holiday season.

10 Gifts Every Blogger Needs This Holiday Season

10 Gifts Every Blogger Needs A Blog Planner
Blogging Planner Blogging requires a lot of planning, a lot of preparation and a lot of work. That’s why most bloggers use a blogging planner to plan out their content, with so many tasks that need completing for each blog post, being organised is key and a planner will help you with that task.
Laptop A chromebook or smaller laptop is perfect for bloggers that are just starting out, or that are looking for an extra laptop to have on hand for quick jobs, plus it’s easy to transport when you feel the need to go and work in your local coffee shop, or balanced on your lap whilst waiting in the car on the school run.
Camera Every blogger needs a good camera to take the best pics. Honestly, the camera bloggers use is completely up to personal preference, but the Canon Rebel comes highly recommended by bloggers and photographers alike.
Photo Props and Backgrounds The best photos require the best backgrounds and props. Amazon is a great place to shop for both of these things.
Photo Editing Software Subscription Photo editing is important in blogging. Bloggers need to have great photos to draw in the reader and in order to have great photos, you need to have access to a good photo editing software. Lightroom is one of the good ones.
10 Gifts Every Blogger Needs A blogging mug
Fun Blogging Coffee Mugs Most bloggers get up early and stay up late. Help them caffeinate with a super fun and quirky blogging mug, but make sure it’s LARGE and dishwasher safe, because no blogger has time to wash the dishes!
Cute Blogging Tee Who cares if we work at home, we still want a cute shirt to show off, right? How cute is this Blogging is My Cardio tee? Maybe consider getting their blog name printed too, can’t beat a bit of free advertising!
Ergonomic Office Chair Bloggers spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Help them save their back by surprising them with a nice Ergonomic chair to sit in while they work. You might even save the blogger in your life a little bit of money on a chiropractor bill.
Blue Yeti USB Microphone More and more bloggers are doing lives, videos, and podcasts and in order to be successful with any of those, they need a good microphone. The ability to have a clear voice while speaking to their audience is important for authenticity. And there we have it 10 gifts every blogger needs, now if only we could also work out how to stop a clock or get 48 hours in a day, that way bloggers may get enough time to do all those jobs still on the to do list!

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