Zoobles are so cool

August 10, 2011Mandi Morrison


Zoobles are collectible, colourful balls that spring to life and magically transform into fun and cute charaters when placed on their happitat.

Neva age 8 adores Zoobles and was very excited to received their new `Mama and Zoobling Pack,’not just a zooble but one that has a special surprise waiting inside. We were lucky to have a yellow and green set called Unga and Bunga.

The baby fits nicely inside mummy, or can rest in the hammock or play on the swing.

They are for ages 4+, although Eowyn did like them too! Neva used to call them Bakugan for Girls before she knew their name, because of the way they pop open on a magnetic surface.

There are hundreds of different Zoobles to collect, and I think more of these will be on Neva’s Christmas list!

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