Xene’s Leavers Prom was delayed by A Cow!

Xene has now finished High School, and the customary ending is a Leaver’s Prom, which took place at a lovely barn in Suffolk.

The arrangements were quite simple, I would drive to collect two of Xene’s friends, E and C,  take them for make-up, drop them home to get ready, then take Xene for her hair putting up, go home, get changed and drop her at E’s house for them to be driven to the Barn In style!!

The first part started fine, we were on time and things were going to plan, we picked up E and proceeded to C’s house, she lives on a farm, as we pulled into the dirt track driveway we were met by Hazel…


She had escaped from the nearby field and didn’t look as if she was going anywhere fast!! We could not drive past her, so we telephoned C to say we were trapped at the end of the driveway by Hazel the cow, could she come and assist. As C walked up to the Car, Hazel decided she would run past the car (slightly scary) and stand between us and the gate onto the road, which left C and her grandma to try and coax hazel out of the way, long enough for us to drive out of the drive and lock the gate, easier said than done, it took over 20 minutes for us to get out of the drive!!


We drove to the beautician and she worked very quickly, a mad dash over to the Hair Salon and an even quicker dash back to E’s house (with lots of stressy texts between them all) we finally got there and took some speedy snaps.

And off they went to Prom! I guess they will always remember their getting ready for prom!

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