Xene’s First Year of College completed…

As you may have noticed on the blog, it has been VERY quiet. I really have no idea where the days, weeks and months go, if only a day was at least 30 hours long, I might actually fit everything in!! Either that or just not sleep…

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to look back over the school year for each of my lovely children, first up, Xene.

This time last year, she had finished school and was looking forward to starting her A Levels and BTEC at the local college I wrote a post about it here .

Fast forward twelve months and she has completed her first year of Textiles, English Literature and Film and TV, and is still enjoying all three. During the year she has been to London to watch Les Mis, attended a University convention and even managed to secure herself a job with Just Kids Parties as a costume character/princess.

She continues to be second mum to all of her brothers and sisters and Tyrus and Viggo are particularly pleased when she has a free period at college and she comes home to play!

She has an amazing group of friends that all get together as much as they can, even though some are at different colleges, they are always arranging some kind of activity to do together.

Last week she came with me to the Christmas in July events, it was lovely to spend the day together and actually have a conversation without being interrupted every 20 seconds!

xene bratz


Over the next few months Xene is going to have to decide if she will be starting university in September 2016 or if she is going to do a one year course or a gap year, whichever she chooses we will support her 100%, but for now I am going to enjoy having her here for the summer, she may be ready to grow up, but i’m not that keen.

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  1. Thats really great that you got to spend some time together, its hard to get individual time with the kids, we are having treat times with the kids where they get to choose what they want to do and they have to take turns as treat time is once a week so it takes a month to get through all the children, would take longer for you to do it that way though


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