Winter Safety on Two Wheels

With the weather starting to get colder and ‘Up North’ already having some of the white stuff (not jealous at all) it is time to start thinking about ensuring you are safe on the road, during winter.

I remember when I first started driving, the snow began to fall quite heavily, so we were allowed home earlier from work, as I didn’t finish until 11pm. Halfway down the A12 I suddenly realised the road had completely disappeared and I was heading towards a field! I managed to guide the car back to the non-existent road, but there were quite a few cars that week that were not so lucky. Can you imagine being on that road, when you only have two wheels! We had a great idea to get Xene a moped for her birthday, a nice easy way to get herself from A to B, however after attempting to drive it myself, I can in fact say it is the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do, and I shall be encouraging her to learn to drive a car and not something with less wheels!

If you are driving carefully, you can certainly reduce the risk of an accident, Jefferies Solicitors (specialist death by dangerous driving solicitors) have put together some interesting statistics.

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If you are planning on taking to the roads during the Winter Months, please take care.

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