Why Getting Out In The Garden Is Good For Your Health

Getting out in the garden is good for your health! This probably isn’t news to you, but if you have been neglecting your outdoor space recently, let us remind you of the health benefits your garden can offer you.

#1: Getting out in the garden offers you the health benefits of exercise

You don’t need to go to the gym to take part in physical exercise. And you don’t need to don your tracksuits and training shoes for a run around the park. While we wouldn’t put you off doing either of these things, know that getting out in the garden is an enjoyable way to keep fit.

When you’re digging in the dirt, you are strengthening your muscles, bones, and joints. A good workout in the garden will also burn away your calories, whether you’re pottering around tending to your plants and crops or getting physical mowing the lawn or pruning your shrubs and perennials. And being out in the garden also offers benefits to your mental health, as the combination of exercise and fresh air will distract you from your stressors and burn away your nervous tension.

#2: Getting out in the garden allows you to make better food choices

By growing and harvesting your own fruits and vegetables, you are more likely to add them to your dinner plates. This is especially useful for the younger members of your family, as by giving them their own vegetable patch, they are less likely to turn their noses up at the greens you offer up to them at mealtimes! You also have the option of choosing organic fertilizers and natural pesticides, so there is less risk of you or your family consuming any toxins that could result in long-term health problems. You will be less prone to falling temptation to unhealthy foods at the supermarket too, as the more food you can grow at home, the less need you will have to visit the supermarket at all.

#3: Getting out in the garden offers you time to de-stress

Had a bad day at work? Let off steam with some heavy digging or by demolishing any nasty brambles and weed patches. Need to unwind? Create your own relaxation space in your garden, and chill out with a good book and a healthy cocktail. Want to have some fun? Play games with the kids, or throw a garden party for your friends and family. Your garden is the perfect place to de-stress, as not only can you actively do something to help your frazzled mind but by being out in the sunlight and fresh air, you will also release those feel-good chemicals in your brain to lift your happiness levels.

Don’t have a garden?

Don’t fret! You can still feel the health benefits we mentioned, so explore the options open to you. Visit your local park for relaxation in the fresh air and active games with the kids. Buy a greenhouse from https://www.greenhousestores.co.uk/ to grow healthy foods for your dinner plates. And check for any allotments or community gardens near you so you can enjoy the physical benefits of getting down and dirty in the garden. We don’t all have the luxury of garden space but work with what you have around you for the betterment of your health.

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