Why Air Quality Is A Big Deal In Your Home

Home maintenance is something that can seem hard to get to grips with. After all, there’s quite a few jobs you need to tackle, at multiple times throughout the year, and no one ever looks forward to them! Would you find fixing the breaker panel under the stairs a relaxing thing to do?

However, one of the main home maintenance jobs people forget about is looking after their indoor air quality. You and your family are breathing the same air in and out every day, and there’s a chance this air is of low quality – here’s what you need to know.

Being Aware of Air Pollutants

Indoor air pollutants can be just as common as pollutants in the air outside, if not more so. But surely there’s an easy way to fix this, simply by opening the window to let some ‘fresh air’ in every now and then? While this is a great step forward, it’s not going to fix your home’s air problem completely. 

You need a much more reliable system for air purification, including better heating and cooling, better ventilation, and even setting up some purifiers in high traffic areas around your home. 

The Effect on Your Brain

Bad air can do a number on your brain. When there are gases in the air, including some more dangerous, odourless ones like carbon monoxide, a person can find it much harder to think and focus, and even start losing time and/or hallucinating throughout the day. Making sure you regularly get a boiler or central heating checked, and have windows open throughout periods of the day, will help to completely eliminate harmful effects like these. 

But even when the air is just a bit stale or musty, you can find it much harder to get on with daily tasks, simply because you’re not breathing in enough clean air (and the associated oxygen). Not to mention that clean air usually means you have clean surroundings, and that can do a lot for your mental and physical health. 

What You Can Do

But what can you do, overall, to make sure the air in your home is always of high quality? Well, including the tips we’ve already listed above, it’s a good idea to always have a proper air flow throughout your home. If you’ve only got one window open in a bedroom upstairs, make sure you open a window downstairs as well to create a channel. 

You may also want to get your home tested for harmful materials; for people living in new builds this won’t be a worry, but if your home is pre 1980s, this is definitely a good idea. Make sure there’s no bank of asbestos or other wildly popular (yet dangerous) construction material of a bygone era in your property. 

Air quality in the home should be one of your home maintenance focuses. Make sure you’re breathing in good, clean air, and never dealing with excess gas that could make you unhealthy. 

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