Which Bathroom Upgrades Should You Do?

You’re probably reading this blog post today because you’re feeling unhappy with your existing bathroom setup. Sure, it’s mostly okay for your needs and those of your family, but it’s looking a bit dated, and you want to give it a fresh new look.

Part of your new look will likely include adding some upgrades that haven’t been featured in your bathroom previously. But, the burning question is this: which bathroom upgrades should you do?

If you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration, or perhaps you’re unsure whether a particular upgrade might be a good idea for your bathroom or not, take a look at the following suggestions to help get you started:

Toilet With A Hidden Tank

Does your bathroom have a standard toilet with a visible cistern? If so, consider replacing it with a toilet with a hidden tank. These days, such toilets are a common feature in many bathroom upgrades.

That’s because they keep the cistern out of sight to create a sleeker look and lines in the bathroom. Hidden tanks typically get concealed inside a lower cabinet area and are simple enough to maintain due to removable panels.

Walk-In Shower

Another idea you could consider for your bathroom is a walk-in shower. In a nutshell, such an idea effectively means creating a wet room for your bathroom, and it can be a real boon if you or one of your family members has mobility issues and can’t easily get into a bathtub.

When planning a wetroom, you should ensure that you have a) got the space to do so and b) can ensure that the bathroom floor is watertight as you don’t want water leaking everywhere!

Underfloor Heating

Imagine waking up on a cold winter’s morning. You step out of bed, and the air around you is cold, despite your central heating being on. Usually, you would dread heading to the bathroom because it’s usually one of the coldest rooms in any home.

The thing is, when you get underfloor heating installed, your bathroom floor will feel roasty toasty as you walk on it. Plus, your bathroom will also feel warm as you enter, making it welcoming and a part of your home you won’t dread on a cold morning!

Recessed Bathroom Cabinet

Everyone needs to store some things in their bathrooms.

Medicine is obviously one such example, but certain items like toiletries, dental care products, and so forth are things that you want access to in your bathroom at all times, and it makes sense to store them in a bathroom accessory like a cabinet.

The problem with ordinary bathroom cabinets is they tend to stick out a lot, and you could easily injure yourself on the corner of them. Recessed bathroom cabinets provide a safer and visually more appealing solution to that problem.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ideas you could consider for your bathroom upgrades. However, the examples above are some of the most popular ones that people think about for their renovated bathrooms.

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