When Kitchen Appliances go wrong!

As a large family, when a kitchen appliance goes wrong, without being too dramatic, it is a MAJOR catastrophe!


If our washing machine breaks I end up with a small mountain of dirty clothes, especially as the teens tend to wear an outfit for about 3 hours maximum! I do at least two loads per day, so if it is out of action for a week I am 14 loads behind ….

Same with the diswasher, as my children haven’t learnt the art of washing up a cup that they use, but promptly going to the cupboard and getting a clean one, I have a HUGE amount of dirty dishes, a roast diner for all nine of us accumulates quite a few roasting tins and saucepans!


The tumble dryer I could probably do without during the summer, but in the winter it is my most used piece of kitchen equipment!


Likewise the fridge and freezer are just as important, although i’m sure the children would be happy with just eating take aways!

So, why is it that the kitchen appliances ALWAYS break at the  most inconvenient time, mine have gone wrong two days before holiday (not leaving enough time to fix it before you get back) the week before christmas (when there are NO company available to fix it, or deliver a new one) or the one that is probably the most annoying, a week before payday, when you know leaving it that long is going to have a detrimental effect on your sanity!

So, if this happens to you, do not fear, there are companies around like Vivus that can provide you with a short term loan up to £500 that is paid back between 10 and 41 days, meaning that you can go and get that new kitchen appliance quicker and save that HUGE washing backlog, and then pay it back when payday arrives, it s a much more cost effective way than relying on an unauthorised overdraft, which has certainly caught me out on a few occasions.

At present I am saving fort a new roof and a new boiler (always something) so I am just hoping the saying “comes in threes” isn’t true, but if you see a facebook status in the next few weeks about a broken appliance, then you will know it is!

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