What’s The Best Flooring When You Have Pets And Children?

When it comes to our pets and kids, nothing gets in the way of their needs and that especially includes our interior choices! Of all the elements that make up our interior, the floor is the one that takes the biggest beating so it’s important that it’s durable. As well as this, the floor can make or break a room so looks are just as important! So what are the best options when it comes to kids and pets and how can we consider their needs when making our decision?

Practicality & Maintenance

When we become parents or pet parents, we find ourselves seeking out the most practical products available. We already have enough to do without having to worry about with our kids without having to worry about maintaining our flooring! With this being said, we’d recommend luxury vinyl tiles as the most practical option.

This is due to it’s fantastic water, stain and scratch proof properties, you don’t need to worry about things getting spilt at messy meal times or your pet’s claws scratching it! Laminate is another worthy option, with it being scratch, stain and water resistant – however you do have to be a little more wary.

Both laminate and LVT are very easy to keep clean, with only a sweep and a mop a few times a week necessary. You don’t need to purchase any specialist floor cleaners either, soap and water is fine! Although wood flooring looks fabulous, it’s not the most practical option and will require a little more maintenance than other flooring options, with it being no good when it comes into contact with water and can scratch and stain.

However with this being said, wood flooring can be sanded down a refinished a number of times depending on thickness which will remove any damage. This should not normally need to be done for first 15-20 years however – so even if damage does occur you get lots of chances to fix it!


This is something that we all need, but especially in a family household! With our little ones constantly charging about the place, our flooring needs to cope with this, not to mention you don’t want to be worrying about replacing your flooring because it’s worn out! The most durable flooring is probably wood flooring, with it lasting a lifetime if cared for properly. This is the perfect option if you want something completely timeless and to last decades! Laminate and LVT are both worthy mentions, offering impressive durability at a cheaper price.

Safety & Price

Safety is always first on our priority list when we have kids. This means we need something with a a soft landing and warm under foot for our little ones. Tiles are no good, as they’re very hard when your child has a tumble and very slippery when wet, no good just after bath time! LVT is cushioned under foot as well as being slip resistant, so again
this choice trumps the rest! In terms of price, many of us look for budget friendly options.

Although wood flooring is luxurious and beautiful, it is an expensive option! If you’ve fallen for its natural good looks, then you can still get this look through LVT and laminate but at much more affordable prices!

Overall, we’d say that LVT is definitely the best option when it comes to households with pets and children. It’s practical, durable, affordable and mimics natural materials such as wood and stone perfectly, what’s not to like!

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