What’s For Dinner Tonight ?

The question my children ask me every single day as soon as they come home from school! Sometimes when they wake up too is, what have we got to eat, or what’s for dinner?

The truth is sometimes I don’t have a clue, I would love to say that I have an entire month’s meal plan ready on the 1st and the cupboards and fridge are full of everything I require for healthy nutritious meals, but that would be a complete lie! Although I would love to be that organised, but

With seven children who all have very different food likes and dislikes, it can be quite challenging to come up with a meal that they will all eat, so I tend to make separate meals, which is quite time consuming, but it then guarantees they will actually eat it, Neva is vegetarian so I always have to cook something different.

Asa goes to rugby training twice per week and sometimes has late meetings, so the last thing he wants is a full meal before running round a pitch, more often than not, we eat later on in the evening when the children have gone to bed, which is lovely to have a conversation in peace, but not so great for the waistline!

I get bored with the same meals week in, week out, but for the children this works as I know they will eat them, but for Asa and I we need some variety. Thankfully I have found a helpful tool Hello Fresh has come up with- The Flavour Generator. 

Its very simple to use, you choose what kind of food you would like tonight and if you would like tangy, spicy, sweet, herby or something you’ve never tried before and then the wheel is spun and voila a meal suggestion and the accompanying recipe!

It has certainly got me out of a food rut, and I now feel more inspired for 2018, who knows maybe I will have an entire meal plan for January by the end December (or maybe not!)

No more boring, dull meals or sitting for hours waiting for inspiration to hit me, it’s right there at the spin of a wheel!

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