What Will You Be Getting Your Mum for Mothers Day ?

I struggle every year what to get my mum for Mother’s Day, and its even worse for my  other in law, I always seem to go for the chocolates and flowers, which are always appreciated, but it’s not very original is it!!

As I was browsing on the internet what to get my mum, I came cross  this fun quiz from My Voucher Codes.


I answered all the questions and…

My mum came out as a traditional mum, with the suggested gifts, chocolates, flowers, a meal out or a family portrait!!

As I detest having my photo taken, that one is out, so flowers and chocolates it shall be… (I always knew I was spot on!) I shall have to get the children to answer it for me, and give them some inspiration.

What about you, whats your perfect Mothers Day gift ?

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