What Will The Weather be Today ?

So, It is now the first week of April, on the lovely East Coast we have experienced a little bit of sunshine, some very cold and blustery winds, with some snow flurries thrown in for good measure.


I am guessing we will not be seeing the heatwave of 1976, as this was the year I was born, I get reminded of that year quite often by my mum, however for our three eldest children, all born in April they are used to the mixture of Rain and Snow with a little splash of sun.

Snow Boots
The Morrison family is not known for going on holiday in the intense heat, you are more likely to find us climbing a mountain in the rain or rock pooling in the snow, therefore each of the children need to be dressed appropriately!
The range of clothing and footwear at Muddy Puddles is perfect , they have an excellent choice of Childrens Wellies which I feel we shall still need for the foreseeable future, for climbing and school runs, when the rain seems to know what time I leave the house!!
The younger children love to jump in Muddy Puddles, just like Peppa Pig, so their range of Kids Waterproofs is perfect for this activity.
But, you never know, maybe we shall wake up tomorrow morning and the sun will be streaming in through the window, there will be a mad dash to the shops to purchase some summer clothes, that’s the thing with the British weather  you never can tell from one day to the next, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!!


Which will we need today ?

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