What To Feed Your Puppy

I cannot believe that Merrie is already 19 weeks old, we have now had her in our family for over half her life!

She is extremely mischievous and totally has a strop if we put her in her room for biting, or misbehaving, she looks me square in the eye and deposits a lovely surprise on her bed!!

Last week I took her to the vets to collect her monthly flea treatment, and to ensure they give her the right dose, she has to be weighed, no sooner had I placed her on the scales, the fire alarm sounded and everyone had to vacate the surgery, it had already taken me 10 minutes to encourage her to enter the vets, and now I had to take her back out again! You can picture the scene every member of the veterinary team casually walked to the evacuation point, and there was I very patiently and calmly trying to move my stubborn puppy, in the end the fire warden allowed us to stop halfway across the car park! As soon as they were allowed to go back in the building she trotted i as if nothing had happened! Sher stepped on the scales and we found out she is already 23.4kg, no wonder I am struggling to move her!!

When we first got Merrie we enquired about the type of food that she was on, the breeder advised us what it was and recommendations for moving her onto a suitable puppy food suitable for larger breeds, although she did state that her own dogs were fed on Raw, so I looked into this a bit more.

Many Newfoundland owners do just give them raw meat, but the fact that Neva refused to even give her a Deer leg that she had been sent, I knew that completely raw wouldn’t work for us, however there are products such as Natures Menu which gives the dog ‘raw’ ingredients, but in handy pouches.

They have also put together a very informative infographic about a subject I spend a good deal of time dealing with, dog poo!

Currently Merrie is on a dry dog food for larger breeds, but she is becoming pretty fussy and picky, so I may have to look at changing her diet, I added one of Natures Menu’s pouches to her food yesterday and she finished the bowl!

Does your dog have dry food or do you Raw feed them ?

Merrie was provided with a couple of pouches of Natures Menu to give a try

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