What to Do if Your Kids are Obsessed with Social Media?

Obsession always leads to obstruction, don’t you agree? Many parents often neglect this niche, so when the kids are starting to show the symptoms of social media dependency, they usually don’t even have a clue. Listen – if (perhaps) your child stares to his phone too long for all day, beware! It may be a sign of social media obsession. Another sign is – if you see the kids continuously send morning quotes every minute, things will be starting to become uncontrollable. Such excessive behaviour can lead to emotional instability as well as poor, angry management later, similar to drug addiction. And as responsible parents, you need to get rid of it!

What is Social Media Addiction?

Before we proceed further, let’s take a look at the definition of this behavioural issue first. Social media addiction happens when you are excessively using any type of networking site. Some of the characteristics are an uncontrollable desire to use any social media every time, and even neglecting other life’s responsibility for the sake of scrolling your phone.

Social media addiction can lead to these changes, including obstreperous mood, lack of tolerance, several conflicts, and even body and social degeneration. In some severe cases, this obsessive behaviour also can lead to various mental health issues, from general anxiety to depression. Well, seeing these facts, it is obvious that we -as parents- need to prevent social media addiction from happening to our beloved kids. And if there are some indications, we have to do something to cure it, or at least, oppress it.

Some Tricks to Overcome Children Social Media Addiction

How to eliminate a kid’s social media obsession?

To be honest, it is a difficult task. We are entering the era where everything controlled with machines and the internet, as you can obtain anything with a few clicks from your device. Let’s be straight here – you cannot get rid of 100 percent of it. Nonetheless, you may able to indirectly control your children’s social media time and usage without being strict at all. These are some tips and tricks on how to execute them smoothly:

  1. Control your internet connection from the WIFI router

As a conscientious mum or dad, you need to become smarter than your beloved yet social-media-addicted adolescences. With some little trick, you are able to alter the internet speed to be much slower without getting caught, of course! There are several programs which able to do it, and although maybe your children will throw some tantrum at first, you only need to soothe them a bit.

  1. Ask them to do something else

This is a standard way to distract your beloved youngsters from their phone, but it works every time, and of course, natural. First thing first, you need to set the exact time and place, probably the best when you have nothing to do. Next, ask your children to do something together, or help you with your daily work, such as washing plates, cooking, gardening, and many other simple activities. Instead of focusing on their smartphones or PC, they can socialise and build some sort of intimate relationship with you better.

  1. Register them to some useful extracurricular

Well, if you don’t have the time to supervise your children, perhaps this option is a good choice. By having a lot of outdoor activities, their mind will focus on something else instead of watching their hand phone. Not only obtain some relatives and friends, but your kids will also gain some useful skills for their future survivability as a workingman. Hopefully, they will change their behaviour from there, although it needs time.

  1. Go to the psychologist

If their addiction is severe, perhaps this is the best option for you. Instead of destroying child’s mentality even more by using violence, it is much better to consult your problem to someone who is experienced in this matter –adolescence and/or child psychologist. Obviously, they will help you to overcome your kids’ problems. The only drawback is usually, such consultation is very expensive. Nevertheless,as long as the children are healthy and ‘normal,’ money won’t matter, right?

  1. Pray and get closer to the God

We know that the last trick is not for everyone, but believe us – if you have a religion, it will work just fine. You only need to pray more, seek the protection as well as the spirit to overcome this problem. If the patients are devoted enough, it will heal in no time. You also can implement it with your children!

Last thought, will it work?

Differ from other diseases such as fever, Malaria, or dengue; addiction needs time to heal. Only the person who can struggle hard enough can finally be cured, and the same goes for your kids. As a parent, you need to help them as much as you can. Good luck!











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