What to be Aware of When Adapting a Car for a Disabled User

Thanks to a wide range of clever adaptations and technologies, it is now easier than ever for those with a range of disabilities to drive. This is important, as it can provide an immense sense of freedom and independence and help people to lead their daily lives. This is furthered by the excellent Motability Scheme, which can make it affordable for those with a mobility allowance to take out a lease on an adapted vehicle, scooter or powerchair.

Identifying Adaptations

It is important that before purchasing a vehicle you make sure that it can be adapted to your particular needs. The best way to do this will be to contact the company that makes the adaptations and ask them if the car is suitable. These adaptations can be expensive to complete, but you may be able to benefit from financial assistance so always ask about this too.

Types of Adaptations

There are various adaptations that can be made, with a few of the more common ones including hand controls to control speed, rotating seats, a joystick to control the steering and pedals to control the horn and indicator. For wheelchair users, various automobiles can be adapted to create wheelchair accessible vehicles and these are available from places like Allied Fleet. These vehicles use either a ramp or lift along with various accessories to make it safe and easy to either ride as passenger or drive.

Driving on the Roads

One your automobile has been adapted, it is important that you take it for a test drive before embarking on a longer journey. In addition to ensuring that it works properly, it is also to see if you feel comfortable and safe whilst driving. It is also important to note that any disabled motorist will only legally be allowed to operate a vehicle with that particular adaptation. You must also notify the DVLA if you have a license and you develop a condition or a preexisting condition has gotten worse since you obtained your license. For those without a license, there are specialist instructors who can teach you how to safely operate an adapted vehicle and you could receive financial support for lessons.

It has never been easier for those with a wide range of disabilities to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and there are all kinds of amazing adaptations that are available. It is important to be aware of the different adaptations available and to always carefully research and speak to companies so that you can find one that suits your needs and allows you to safely and confidently join the roads.

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