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A few weeks ago, I put a callout for more bloggers to take part in the What Did You Watch series, I had a HUGE response, so check back each week to discover another new blogger’s viewing pleasure!

This week we have Jaymee from The Mum Diaries 3 boys, a husband and a house, if you haven’t visited yet, pop over (after reading this post obviously) and show some love xx

1) The Queens Nose

I loved watching this show every week and seeing what happens when 
Harmony rubbed the 50pence coin. The theme tune was quite entrancing 

2) 50/50 Gameshow

I really, really wanted my school to enter so we could take part! Every 
person was given a number between 1-50, the show randomly chooses 5 
numbers for each game.

3) As told by ginger

The theme song was so catchy! "Someone once told me the grass was much 
greener, on the other side" :-) listening to it now and I still know all 
the words. The show was just an animation based on the tales of Ginger 
the main character and school in America.

4)The Wild Thornberrys

Eliza Thornberry and her family travel all over the world, they live in 
a camper van. It was a great show growing up and I remember wishing that 
I could go travelling and see all the animals too

5) Rugrats

Who didn't watch Rugrats? I love Tommy but my favourite character was 
Lil one of the twins :-) I loved their adventures and what they go up 
to. Angelica was always horrible to them and trying to get them in 
trouble, But sometimes she was nice too.


Thanks Jaymee, some great shows, although I think Jaymee might be a fair bit younger than me as I can 
practically remember catching parts of these shows when I was an adult! (feeling old!)

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