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This weeks television viewing comes from the very lovely Vicky over at The Motherhood

Growing up I never really was a fan of cartoons like The Flintstones or Scooby Doo, I would much rather watch some wacky off the wall comedy, or drama series.

Round the twist

What a bonkers show! I loved the books and had read most of them already when the show came out on British TV.  It was not like your normal kids TV series and it had the best theme tune!


Byker Grove

The birth place of Ant and Dec. I was a huge fan of PJ and Duncan when they were in Byker Grove and cried my eyes out when PJ had his accident. Based around a children’s youth club, I always wished there was somewhere like that that I could hangout at. It taught kids valuable lessons about peer pressure, drug use, family and relationships.

The Girl From Tomorrow

Not many people can remember this series. She was a time traveller from the year 3000 with a cool sounding name and an even cooler set of gadgets and headband which had special powers.  It was like a kid version of Dr Who.

Eerie indianna

Twilight zone for kids. Random stories of confusing, spooky and scary goings on from the small town of Eerie. I showed my son one of the episodes recently and he said it was the most scary thing he had ever seen, but for me growing up it was a must see.  I think I just loved things outside of the norms of reality.

My So Called Life

A cult TV series which I still own the box set of now. Watching it now it is so interesting how as a parent I view it in a whole different light.  It touched on subjects such as relationships, sexuality, parents divorce, school, crushes, drugs and alcohol, all from the point of view from a confused teenager who many girls could associate with, myself included. I believed that I was Angela Chase. The show is now famous for launching the careers of Jared Leto and Claire Danes.

Thanks to Vicky for sharing her childhood television memories, there is a bit of a theme of Ant and Dec running through this series!

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Don’t forget to check back next week to see whose television viewing we are going to find out about xxx

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