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Hello and welcome back to What Did You Watch, join us every Thursday to find out which blogger is featured and what they enjoyed watching when they were growing up.

This week we are finding out childhood viewing from Georgina over at Pixie Does

1. Fraggle Rock
This was one of my favourites when I was really young, I loved the little doozers and the way the uncle would always be off exploring and sending postcards from his travels.

2. Star Trek TNG
I literally watched this every day, it was a staple! I loved how I could escape the horror of school (I was really bullied) into a idealistic world filled with interesting people. This really influenced me, I went on to write my dissertation on it 🙂

3. Quantum Leap
This was a big favourite! Every episode ‘Sam’ would go on an adventure leaping into someone’s body. He’d have to solve their issue while his sidekick would try to get him out of there, always trying to leap home once and for all. Each episode would end with a little preview of the next one and Sam saying ‘oh boy!’.

4. Sooty
When I was really young I was super obsessed with Sooty! I still have the original puppet 🙂 I also (apparently) used to cry when each episode finished, or if Sooty got told off.

5. Friends
This started when I was about 15, and it changed my life. It showed a group of people living a great life, just a few years older than me. I grew up watching them, crying with them and laughing with them. I can pretty much recite all episodes and lines, and even now if I watch it, it still makes me laugh 🙂 I think my favourite episode must be the one with the stripper – Ross is busy trying to impress Rachel’s Dad when the phone rings, Joey leaves a message saying ‘Hey Ross, there’s a stripper here we thought you might know something about it’ pure comedy gold!


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Thanks for letting us have an insight into your Childhood viewing, its been great to have you xx

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