What To Wear for the Summer Ball ?

Every year my husbands rugby club has a Summer Ball at the beginning of June, it is one night a year that I actually get to wear heels (well, for the start of the evening) have my hair and make-up done, and dress up without having a child wiping chocolate down me, or getting covered in mud and dirt!

I love it, once I get there, but the month before (round about now) I start to panic as I have to find something to wear…

As I was browsing the other day I came across a fabulous site called Lovethesales.com, it has something for everyone and at really reasonable prices, as this is a one time event and it’s basically the same people, there is no chance of wearing the same outfit twice, so as it’s only one night, I was drawn towards the section on the site labelled Dress sale

Most years, if I look back over the photographs I am dressed in a black dress, so I am trying to find something with a little more colour this year!

summer ball dress 1 summer ball dress 4 summer ball dress 5 summer ball dress 6 summer ball dress 2summer ball dress 3

What do you think, is there any there that you would choose, check back in just over a month to see what colour I have chosen, although I can’t promise that it won’t be black, because although I haven’t shown any black dresses, there are some gorgeous ones on the site.

via lovethesales.com

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