Blogtober20 Day 10 Relax

RELAX! Easier said than done when faced with the disaster that is 2020, however these helpful tips may help you to stay calm and relax…

We live in a world where we have a lot of information at our fingertips. Everything from the latest flu scare ( I refuse to mention the C word) to our climate changes, and so on. Every person has seen the chaos that is shared online and that makes it difficult for anxious people to remain calm.

If you’ve found that you’re having a difficult time staying calm when chaos strikes, then you’ll enjoy these amazing tips that will help you calm down during bouts of anxiety due to chaos.

Simple Ways to Stay Calm When Chaos Strikes

Shut Down Social Media

The first step to staying calm when chaos strikes is to shut down social media. This is the most important step to getting your mind back to a calm state. Shut off notifications, log out, or do whatever you have to do to refrain from using social media while you work to calm yourself down when chaos strikes.

Take a Deep Breath

Relax your shoulders and your entire body until you feel as if you’re almost a puddle of nothing. Take a few deep breaths in and out until you’ve slowed your breathing. This is an important second step to staying calm with chaos strikes.

Focus on Your Surroundings

Now that you’ve been able to shut down social media, take a few deep breaths, it’s time to focus on your surroundings. Look at everything in the room you’re currently in. Find something to focus on and stare at it while you listen to the sounds around you and smell the scents around you.

Remember You’re Alive

When chaos strikes in our life we often fear the worst-case scenario. This fear can make it more difficult to remain calm when chaos strikes. You must take this moment to remember that you’re here, alive, and in this moment. You cannot change the future or the past but you have this moment.

Using these tips to start to slow your breathing down, calm your mind from racing, and stop worrying so much when chaos strikes will help you arrive at a more balanced, stable state of mind. Once you’ve been able to get back to this stable state of mind, you’ll then be able to evaluate the information or chaotic event that put you into this deep state of anxiety or fear. At that point, and only then, can you truly try to determine truth from fiction, and decide on how to handle the chaos that set you into a downward spiral.

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And if all else fails a large box of chocolates, or a glass of wine, whichever keeps you relaxed x


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  1. These are indeed very useful tips! I love your last one. I mean, no-one can predict the future or know for sure that they’ll be okay, but we all do have this very moment. As one of my high school teachers once said, you can only be happy once in your entire lifetime and that is now.


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