Ways to Clean Up Your Home This Holiday

Love is in the air, which means it’s time to get your home ready for some company. Of course, you’ll want to have everything spick-and-span before they arrive, so you don’t have extra work on your plate when you are spending time with them. But don’t worry! There are plenty of quick projects around the house that will only take a few minutes of your day but will still give you peace of mind come the holiday season. Here are three ways to clean up your home this holiday!

Wash The Windows And Doors 

If you like to leave your windows and doors open, dust can really accumulate on them. This is especially true if it’s been raining or snowing recently; the rain will make everything wet, which leads to much more dirt building up than usual! First off, always start with a clean surface when doing any cleaning. Take out your Windex and spray all over both sides of each door and window pane – even consider spraying some in plants that are nearby, so they look extra lovely for guests too. Now reach for a paper towel (or rag) and fold it into quarters before using it to wipe down every single glass pane from top-to-bottom, left to right. Do this step one at a time, starting with the windows on one side of your house, then moving to the next row of windows, and so forth. While you’re at it, don’t forget about all those pesky fixtures around door knobs that collect dust too! All you need is a simple rag or paper towel dubbed in some water with dish soap added to wipe them down.

Clean Gutters And Drains 

Follow a Proper gutter cleaning system if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned out your gutters. Not only will this reduce potential damage from water build-up during heavy rains or snows, but it also helps prevent ice dams from forming on the edges of your roof. A good rule of thumb to follow when cleaning them out? Make sure that no more than an inch and a half of debris stays in there at any time; if you’re over by even one little piece – take care of it sooner rather than later!

Deep Clean Living Areas 

Now is a great time to give your living areas a deep clean. This includes all the furniture, floors, walls, and even ceilings if you can get to them! Start by vacuuming or sweeping all the floors – making sure to get in all the corners and crevices. If your carpets need it, now would be a good time for a steam clean or shampooing as well—dust everything – from top of furniture down to light fixtures and door frames. And don’t forget about cobwebs! They tend to build up quickly this time of year so take care of them with either a broom/dustpan or vacuum cleaner attachment with brush bristles. Finally, if you have any removable wall decor (ornaments, paintings, etc.), take them down and give everything a good dusting before putting them back up.

In conclusion,  while it may seem like a lot of work, having everything in tip-top shape for your holiday guests is well worth the time! 


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