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Hello and welcome back to What Did You Watch, join us every Thursday to find out which blogger is featured and to find out their television habits from their childhood.

This week on What Did You Watch we have the very lovely Karina from Mums The Nerd to tell you all about the programmes she used to watch when she was younger, do you recognise any of them ?

1) Captain Planet – (you know the one “Captain Planet, he’s our hero,Gonna take pollution down to zero”)

It was one of my favourite TV shows growing up, even at a young age it made a big impression with environmental issues and saving the planet. He was also my first crush, yes, a blue cartoon character with green hair was my very first crush, 5 year old me was going to marry him. It made a big impact at an early age.

2) Thundercats – I spent a lot of time with male cousins when I was younger, they were huge Thundercats fans, obviously this meant I was too. I still get excited when I hear the theme song. It brings back so many happy memories.

3) Teenage Mututant Ninja Turtles – Again another awesome theme song, I’m not going to lie, I still have my old copies of the original 80s episodes on VHS, it feels wrong to get rid of them. I was obsessed with them and remember a lot of my younger role play games revolved around Ninja Turtles

4)  Gummi Bears – Honestly, what’s not to like? Mighty little bears that defend their forest, they were caring, strong and courageous. I so wanted to be a Gummi Bear.

5) The Raccoons – Burt wasn’t a superhero, he was just a regular talking Raccoon with no super powers, he was exciting and went on amazing adventures.  He was friends with Cedric, the son of the town villain, I think it made me realise that you could be friends with anyone no matter who they are and where they come from.

I have a feeling Karina is a little younger than I am because I certainly remember these shows, but I wasn’t that little!

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Thanks for letting us have an insight into your Childhood viewing, its been great to have you xx

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