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July 27, 2017Mandi Morrison

Hello and welcome back to What Did You Watch, join us every Thursday to find out which blogger is featured and what they enjoyed watching when they were growing up.

This week we have the very lovely Emma from Life According to MrsShilts who has just announced some very exciting news, so after you have read about her TV viewing from the younger years, head over and have a read!

 TV back in the late 80’s and early 90’s is now TV gold. I don’t really remember watching much television as a child mainly because we weren’t allowed televisions in our room until we were teenagers. A television in our bedroom was a birthday present from the age of thirteen onwards and it was from then onwards when we could watch television independently in our rooms.

Looking back, my favourite five television programmes were (in no particular order)

1.Soldier Soldier – I remember watching this as I came home after Guides on a Monday evening. It was a popular British drama about the daily lives of B company, a troop of soldiers in the British Army. I grew up with an interest in the military and I loved watching this show.

2 . Dharma and Greg – I used to love watching this American television show following the lives of Dharma and her husband Greg. I loved Dharma’s blonde cropped hair and actually copied her hairstyle in the late 90’s

3.   Band of Gold – a bit of a dark one for my teenage years but I loved watching this TV series. It was a show following the lives of women working in Bradford’s red light district. I remember learning lots about sexual health from this TV show much to my Mom’s displeasure but I used to say to her it was educational for me as it was so far removed from my own life, it was good to learn about it from the TV rather than in real life.

(WARNING Contains some strong language!)

4.  Bad Girls – another eye-opening tv series which again my Mom wasn’t very happy with me watching but I loved it. I loved the characters and the cast have been in lots of other TV shows over the years. It was about a group of ladies who were in a fictional prison, Larkhall.

5.  Bottom – I didn’t watch much television with my parents as they would watch really boring programmes that involved antiques or gardening but once a week, my Dad and I would watch Bottom together and we would howl. It was so funny. It was silly but really funny. Rik Mayall was a brilliant comedian, so I was very sad to hear of his passing.

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Thanks for letting us have an insight into your Childhood viewing, its been great to have you xx

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