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Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too joins us this week with her ‘Watch Did You Watch’ TV programmes from her young.  Sarah is originally from Cumbria but moved to Norfolk as teenager.  She has three children; Roo, Tigger and Piglet whom she shares their childhood, the things that they get up to and the places they have been over on her blog.

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Dawson’s Creek

My all time favourite TV show from my teenage years, in fact I love it that much that I still own and watch the DVD boxset.  I may have had a crush on Pacey Witter (aka Joshua Jackson) throughout my teenage years (I still think he is quite good looking now).

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Knightmare has to be the one children’s TV show that I would have loved to have taken part in.  I’d watch it every week as the contestants would try to work out the puzzles, collect items in their knapsack and make their way around the rooms.  I could never make up my mind whether I’d like to be the one walking around the rooms or one the nerds solving the puzzles.

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Byker Grove

Being a northerner it would be wrong of me not to include Byker Grove.  Oh how I loved this show and the different characters included.  Set in a youth club in Newcastle it followed the lives and loves of the local teenagers – including PJ & Duncan (aka Ant and Dec – haven’t they done well).

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Fun House

Fun House with Pat Sharpe, the ultimate fun game show for kids.  Filled with a variety of mini games and puzzles before they took part in the Fun Kart Grand Prix at the end of the show.

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Sister Sister

Oh how I would drive my parents potty with watching Sister Sister on Nickelodeon.  I’d happily sit and watch the same episodes time and again of the twins who would try to outwit others (and fail).  With Roo’s love affair with the Disney Channel I can now understand how my parents felt.

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I’m sure you all know where to find Boo Roo and Tigger too, but just in case, she can be found on Twitter facebook and instagram.
Thanks for letting us have an insight into your Childhood viewing, its been great to have you xx

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