Vango Sleeping Bag – The Best Penguin EVER!

The entire family LOVES Camping, so when we were asked if the children would like to review a sleeping bag from Sleeping Bag Outlet, the answer was simple…YES PLEASE!

The difficult decision was which of the children would decide on a sleeping bag. We checked out the site and there were some fab choices, however, the one that caught everyone’s eye (especially Neva and Eowyn) was this one….

penguin sleeping bag

The Vango Wilderness Junior – Penguin – this is what they have to say about it :

“This sleeping bag is a sure-fire way to get the kids excited for a weekend camping trip and is also perfect for sleepovers. With a 2 season performance and suggested usage of 8 to 20°C, the sleeping bag can be used for camping in the UK during the spring and summer. It’s also constructed from soft touch fabrics to make it nice and comfortable for the little ones! 

Comes with a compression sack to keep it compact and easy to carry when not in use. “

Priced at £27.50.

You can read more about it here

When it arrived I thought that the bag looked quite small and I was concerned that it would be too small for some of the older children, UNTIL I opened the bag and out jumped the sleeping bag!!




We were not planning a camping trip that day, so Neva did the next available thing and watched a movie in it (with the help of Viggo and Mickey Mouse)!!



Next step, try it outdoors!!


And of course, the ultimate test…CAMPING.

003 007








Nevas verdict:

I LOVE the design, it was very comfortable and warm, easy to zip up and very fun to roll in. When I packed it away it was quite easy to stuff back in the bag.

Perfect for camping or sleepovers, and just as great for sitting and watching a film indoors!

My verdict: It is a very soft material, and felt very warm, it is well made and I think the fun design will keep all of the children amused and probably arguing who will sleep in it when we are camping.!

It is a reasonable price for the sleeping bag and I would definitely recommend Sleeping Bags Outlet for anyone needing to purchase a new sleeping bag, they have a huge selection and all at great prices.

Family Fever

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  • Kate @ Family Fever

    May 28, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    What a great design, and looks perfect for a camping trip! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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