Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places

Valentines Day isn’t quite the same as it used to be, before we had the children I can remember Asa cooking me a romantic meal with candlelight. these days I am lucky if we even sit and eat a meal together!!
We always get each other a card and Asa always buys me chocolates and flowers, I buy him a gift, but it isn’t the usual `Valentine’ item.
He is still a keen sportsman, training twice a week and playing rugby every Saturday, so I tend to shop for sport related items.
These are my top five buys for 2014, sshhh don’t tell Asa!

After sitting and watching the Superbowl with him the boys were curious about the time he had spent playing American Football, which is when I noticed that the Footballs that he has are looking rather tatty, so this one would definitely be a possibility

When the weather finally gets a little drier, Asa wears astro boots, however, his are looking rather tatty so these may be wrapped up as his gift, if not, maybe his birthday in April.

The weather at the moment is extremely wet and muddy, tonight when he returned from training, he resembled a mud wrestler, I also noticed that he reached for the black tape, which can only mean one thing – he has gone through ANOTHER pair of rugby boots!! As you can imagine I am never stuck for Christmas, Valentines or birthday gifts! So these Kooga rugby boots would be a good choice.

I also don’t want a husband with his front teeth missing, so a new mouthguard can usually be found in his stocking at christmas, but this year I forgot, so maybe one of these could be my romantic valentines gift.

My final choice is a set of rugby pads. Every week he comes home from the match with more and more knocks, bumps and bruises and as each month passes it takes him longer to recover (although he won’t admit it!) So a nice set of pads might stop him getting so many bumps, but I suspect it is nothing to do with age, more the amount of hard tackles he puts in!!

As you can see my perfect Valentine Gifts are on a very similar theme, all of these can be found at so if you also have a sports mad other half, I might see you in the sports shop!

What will you be getting the love of your life this year ?

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